Rocco Jon

Rocco Jon

Rocco Jon found his happily ever with his very own family. It was love at first sight for this sweet boy with his new mom, dad and his very own skin sister, his favorite most of all. And guess what? He also gained two Bulldog sisters! He is a very lucky little guy, indeed. Rocco spent 149 days in rescue getting into tip-top shape for this very day to happen.

His life didnt start out as an easy one. He was passed around from family to family, even living out in the backyard full time. He’s had to battle heartworms, infections and had to put on some much needed weight. Rocco always had a wonderful disposition the entire time. Foster Pops and I said we had never seen such a happy boy, willing to give us humans all the love we could ever need.

Those days are long gone and in his rearview mirror, with only continued love, snuggles and some great grub today and forever.

Happy tails, little angel. You will forever be in our hearts!

I cannot tell you how happy I am to finally stop my revolving door of families and come to rescue. For the past few years, I have been passed from one family to another, to another. The last family had me living outside all the time. That was the worst! But a nice lady convinced them to give me to her and she contacted rescue, where I belong.

I am around 5 years old and I can’t remember the last time I saw a vet or had any shots. I have one eye that’s pretty messed up, so it’s hard to see with it. And the other one doesn’t seem to be working well either. I find myself bumping into things. The lady who rescued me took me home and has been feeding me and bathing me and cleaning my ears. I look and feel so much better now than when I was living outside.

I am off to meet the wonderful Dr. Larsen and her staff, so I can get the full physical. I hear I may have heartworms, which grosses me out… I don’t want worms in my body! I also need to be neutered because I’m told I don’t need “those things” anymore.

After all that, I will be looking for that forever home everyone has promised me. No more revolving door for this boy. I wonder who will be the perfect match for me? Could it be you?

9/30/19 Update: I’m checking in from the pumpkin patch today. I am still in the weight gain program. I think I’ve gained a few LBs and everyone seems super excited about that! Also, I visited the ophthalmologist and, even though it was not the news I wanted to hear, it was the news I expected. I was declared “legally blind.” However, I have some different eye meds and everyone is hoping some of my vision will be restored. The cool thing? You’d never know I can’t see, once I learn the lay of the house.

I love everyone and everyone loves me. Now, all I need to do is find a forever family that understands me. Please share my story to help me find my happily ever after.

10/28/29 Update:  Sing it with me!  Rocco, Rocco man…I want to be a Rocco man!  Try getting that song out of your head now.  You’re welcome!

Rocco continues to be a joy to foster in our home, with his sweet little face and his flipity-flop on his back, hopeful of a belly rub from you.  He truly is irresistible.  Some things that Rocco loves to do is, eat, chew feverishly on a toy and more eating!   Rocco did come into our home painfully thin, but guess what?  He is now weighing in at 51 lbs, up from 44 lbs!

Rocco is still doing awesome with his education in manners.  Accidents haven’t happened in a couple of weeks and he is getting along so well with his foster siblings.  One other thing that Rocco loves is his walks with his foster dad.  When the leash appears, he is ready to goooo!

Rocco’s vision has also improved greatly, doubling his tear production.  He will need drops the rest of his life to keep his eyes in top condition, along with allergy meds as he does get a little itchy.  Don’t worry, giving this boy a medicated bath is a piece of cake.  Rocco, Rocco man will be waiting for you!