Great news for me! Although I loved my foster family, I quickly found a great family that lives in Houston! They have adopted from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue before, and they just fell in love with my fabulous personality. I will have a fur brother named Franklin, along with two skin siblings. Congrats to me… yay!

If you’re wondering, let me tell you how I got my name. My mother’s name was Vogue and my family named me after her. I like the name Rogue, and even though you might think I am a boy, I’m not ~ I am a girl!

My birthday is July 4th and I will be 1 year old on that day. And on that day, there will be balloons, fireworks and parades, I hope. I am already getting my celebration gear ready for my big birthday!

I had a great family that thought I was perfect, but they were facing some challenges and were not sure that keeping me was fair. They were both heading back to work, and their work schedules were set to include long days and some nights. I am used to having someone home with me and being alone every day was not the life I wanted. I am so young and active~ I really need someone to play with me.

Speaking of which, I was playing with my neighbor friend and his tooth hurt my eye. It was an accident when we were rolling and tumbling. That’s why my eye looks a little different. I have medication for it, so hopefully, that eye will feel good again soon!

6/17/20 Update:  Good morning from Keller, TX!

I have been at my new foster home only one week, but I am fitting in just great!  I have a fur foster brother with whom I play and roughhouse.  The other fur sister is too old to play with, so I leave her alone.  I sleep in my crate with no problem, and I greet my foster mom with such joy when she wakes me early in the mornings.  I have a 10 year old boy that I love to spend time with, and a 16 yr old girl who is very sweet to me as well. I use the doggy door like a champ, but sometimes I forget what that is really for, so I have gone potty inside the house a few times.  I will get better though!  Oh, and I absolutely LOVE balls…of all sizes!!!  Until next time,  Rogue (foster family calls me “Roe”)