Roxy Nicole

Roxy Nicole

Roxy Nicole will know be known as Miss Allison Crail. Her new family just fell in love with her, as well as her new boxer brother, Sniper. She walked into their house and within seconds, was making herself at home. Allison hit the jackpot with her new family, as well as scoring an amazing extended family with plenty of fur brothers and sisters to play with. I could not be happier for this baby girl beginning her new chapter in life.

Foxy Roxy Nicole here!  And I must say at 10 months old I am rather stunning! Bet you’re wondering what in the world brought me here. Well, here’s my story and I am sticking to it. One day several months back my dad went to the pet store to buy a bag of bird seed and believe it or not, he must have gotten birdseed and bulldog mixed up because he came home with me! I think it might have been the fact I was sitting in the window looking pretty fabulous and my eyes just reeled him in. But I was excited and happy to leave that day with a bag of bird seed.  My new family loved me. The kids loved me. But I think my energy level was a little too much for everyone. As was my need to chew wood!  I think wood, like window seals and coffee tables are some of my favorite woods. Shoes, I like them too. At 10 months I see the world as one big chew toy.

I believe in being upfront and honest in my search for my next family. I may need a little help with boundaries. I need a family that understands a chewer and can help me learn what is ok to chew on, what is not.  I don’t need you to jump up and down and act crazy, I just need some help. I love to walk, so if you walk that’s good too. So that’s really all about me except I have got my eye on a “Good Citizens Award” and with just a little help I know that award is going to be mine! Roxy Nicole, your bulldog baby with a heart of gold!

2/17/20 Update:  Foster girl Roxy Nicole had a blast at Shotgun’s birthday party. She was one tired pooch on the way home!

2/18/20 Update:  Hello Bulldog nation! I checked into May’s Manor on Saturday and have been having a blast ever since. I love to go and play, go some more and play some more. I am a lean active gal that needs exercise to help expend some of my energy. I love everyone from two leggers to four leggers! I love the ones that resides at the foster home, the ones I met on Saturday at Shotguns birthday, and met a basset hound on Sunday. I haven’t had an accident yet and I picked up on the doggy door real quick. Dobby and I hit that door so hard coming in and out at full speed, foster mom is constantly nagging us to stop! She says were gonna get brain damage but it’s so much fun! I’m learning that the bed is not a playground, that its the meditation area, I get the two confused. I would love to find a home that allows me to be with my human at all times when they are home! I get a little vocal if I’m not in the same room as foster mom. Since I’m still a puppy just know that I like to chew so its important that I have plenty of toys to keep me entertained! This is very very important!

So just a quick recap…. I’m 10 months old and beautiful. I sit, I listen, I am very very gentle when taking treats, and I love belly rubs. Things I’m working on…. jumping, a little playful mouthing, and chewing on appropriate pup approved items.

So if you’re on the market for a pup go ahead and get those applications sent in, I will not be on the market long!

3/10/20 Update:   I’ve been at Mays’ Manor for a few weeks and I’m settling in very nicely. I may not look like a traditional Bulldog, but Foster Mom says I am perfect! I have longer legs and I’m light as a feather. I still jump a little and pull a little, but I am a puppy. I’m working on these things. I just love to go and explore!

I love to play ball, play chase, and cuddles! I’m not allowed to sleep in Foster Mom’s bed, but sometimes when everyone is asleep, I crawl up and cuddle next to her.

I may have chewed a corner or two on Foster Mom’s bed, but in my defense, they were previously chewed so I thought it was OK.

I would love to find an active family because lets face it, I don’t have a lazy bone in my body.

3/17/20 Update:  Foster girl Roxy Nicole is really settling in! I’m having a hard time telling her no! She jumped up in the bed last night, curled up next to me before I could say no! She let me roll her over to give her a good night belly rub and she was out. This girl is just the sweetest! A bit spastic but super sweet!

4/12/20 Update:  After a long fun weekend, foster girl Roxy Nicole is finally down for the count! She had a fabulous time and behaved perfectly. She enjoyed the walks, basking in the sun when it was out, and watching the geese. I’d like to say she was chill and just enjoyed the view, but this girl wanted to go, go, go! She would sit and stay alert, waiting to see if it was her turn to go on a walk.

4/28/20 Update:   She is just as sweet as they come. She has one of the most enduring stares that gets her pretty much whatever she wants. I struggle daily because she just melts my heart! The jumping is slowly improving. And the chewing? Well, she’s young, so hopefully in time she will grow out of that! Other than normal puppy behavior, she is very well behaved and has a great personality. She is just so playful and full of energy. I love watching her paw other pups to see what kind of mood they are in before going straight crazy on their butts! She loves to snuggle, roll over for belly rubs, and loves any balls.