Roxy Roo

Roxy Roo

I was called on to fill some big shoes and help a great family heal their broken hearts. And I was up for the challenge.

You see, Kenna and Dave had adopted Pippa a while back and Pippa suddenly crossed the Rainbow Bridge and they were devastated. So, they reached out to help heal their broken hearts and they called up on me to help.

Some in rescue called me “Grumpy Cat” because I may sometimes have a sour look, like that cat, but I had all the charm I needed to weave my way into Dave and Kenna’s hearts.

Now I am at the ocean, paws in the sand, sipping a cool beverage and listening to the palm trees blow in the wind. I’m thinking this is the life is for me.

I know Pippa is proud that her family adopted again. They are keeping her memory alive by loving another dog again.  Love,  Roxy Roo (who is sitting at the beach in her new, two-piece bathing suit)

My name is Roxy… foxy Roxy. My new skin step-brother and I both have allergies. The difference is: his allergy is to ME?! Can you believe that?!

My mom tried to keep me, but I guess she had to keep the skin-brother instead. I went to live with some relatives for a while, but none of them knew just how to take care of a special Bulldog girl like me.

After a couple failed re-home attempts, the third time is a charm and today I joined rescue!

As you can see from my pictures, I’m a cute, pint-sized fawn and white girl (the rescue Uber driver called me “The Grumpy Cat version of a Bulldog!” 😲… he is NOT getting a 5* rating from me after a comment like that!…) So, as I was saying, I’m cute, well-behaved and a pretty chill girl with a little frame of under 40 lbs and I’m only 3 years old!

I’m headed to the clinic to play with the staff there and let them give me belly rubs! Keep your eyes out for updates on me and be sure to submit an application. I may be your perfect match!