Roxy Rose

Roxy Rose

Today was the best day ever for Roxy Rose! Today is her adoption day!  You might remember earlier this week Roxy’s mother Bella crossed the Rainbow Bridge and it left a huge hole in Jennifer’s heart.  Bella was tough as nails, did not hesitate to show you that she did not want to be picked up, but for sure she had Jennifer’s heart. Roxy and Bella were mother-daughter and Roxy loved her mother.  And Jennifer loved them both.  On Friday Jennifer decided that she would adopt Roxy because she could not imagine life without Roxy Rose.  Roxy Rose is a Super Senior, most people don’t want to adopt a senior because having their heart broken sooner than later is always in the back of there mind. And with that being said, we are so thankful for Jennifer and everyone that loves the seniors and wants to adopt then. Everyone so deserves a family, no matter what age they are.  Best of everything Jennifer and Roxy Rose.

Please welcome Roxy Rose and Bella Marie ~ a senior daughter/mom pair ~ to our rescue family! Roxy writes: I was excited when I heard I was joining rescue. I got my belongings ready and waited by the door. My family had already set my crate on the walkway and I was ready to roll.
And when the knock on the door came, I did a happy dance! But wouldn’t you just know it, over my shoulder, I heard, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute…. don’t leave without me.”
It was my mother. Even at age 12, she still insists on going everywhere with me. I hustled out the door with her in hot pursuit. She even beat me to the car door.
You see, we found ourselves needing a new home because our family is moving across the country and they were afraid a 2,200-mile trip would not be in our best interest.
I am 8 years old and I have a few battle scars. At one time, there was a fight and both of my ears were chewed off. Thankfully, I had them sewn back on. I am not kidding. For a while, both of my ears were just dangling.
Senior Bulldog lovers, we are your perfect pair. We are both beautiful ladies and as sweet as can be. We sure hope there is a family out there that loves seniors and will adopt us. We don’t need much, really ~ just warm beds, some great treats and a lot of love.
We keep hearing the term “senior saints,” and that describes us perfectly. We’d hate to think that no one will want us just because we got old. After all, everyone will get old one day and it will happen a lot sooner that you think.
3/22/21 Update:  I hope everyone enjoyed this beautiful sunny day! I’m so happy to tell you all that I busted out of the vet clinic with my mom on Monday! 🐾🐾🐾🐾 Time to PAWTAY!
I have been having a great week! I get a bunch of lovin’, kisses and cuddles. I get to run around and play outside (I LOVE TO EXPLORE!). Foster Mama calls me her little truffle pig because I’m good at sniffing things out. I get all up in the bushes to find things. 🐷 I get to go for walkies (I LOVE WALKS) and you would think I’m a lot younger than I am because I am really fast.
I like to help Foster Pops in the garden and when he’s cleaning the pool, I show him where to find his pool net. I love to play with kids and other dogs. Foster Mama says I’m a really good girl and I am so well behaved.
I guess that’s all for now. I’m gonna go catch some rays tomorrow! ☀️ Enjoy your weekend.

4/3/21 Update:  Hope y’all have been enjoying lots of good times outside in the beautiful weather this week.☀️ I certainly have been!

If you are looking for the SWEETEST, most well-behaved girl who LOVES playing outside, going for short walks, chilling inside and enjoying tummy rubs and snuggling, I’m your girl! My foster mama says I’m perfect. ❤️

Anyways, I just heard the back door open I’m gonna go play outside in the sunshine. ☀️ I’m having a blast and enjoying life!

4/26/21 Update: Happy Sunday Funday! ☀️💛 I have been having a ball enjoying the great weather on walks with my foster pops and all the snuggles with foster momma!

5/16/21 Update: Sundays are for playing with my new ball and searching for my old ball.

6/17/21 Update:  Hiya Everyone!

I hope you are all staying safe and well and most of all staying inside and out of the TEXAS HEAT!!

I have been having some fun adventures since my last update and I wanted to share the photos with you!