Roxy Ruth

Roxy Ruth

Earlier this week, Roxy had a visit from two very special people. When they arrived, Roxy put on the biggest performance of her life. She pulled out her most favorite toys to show everyone and made everyone play with her. She then took a power nap and was back up playing all over again.
Roxy’s new mom and dad work from home, so she will have all the playtime she can handle.
When they arrived today to pick up Roxy, she jumped and danced to greet them. She just knew they were there for her.
Roxy has been the most easiest houseguest. She is always up for a good time and kept us constantly laughing. Enjoy your new family, pretty girl!

My name is Roxy Ruth and I am beautiful!  I’m not bragging. I just can’t help it. It is what I am and people tell me that all the time. 

I am two years old and in perfect shape. I came from a family who was going through a lot of changes and transition. They tearfully decided it was best for me to join rescue so they could find me a new home that was best for me.

So I am running around Dr. Larsen’s clinic making friends with everyone and everything. They laugh at my butt wiggle and smile. I need to be updated on my shots and get checked out.

Then I will be reviewing applications and looking for a perfect match for my forever family.

10/20/20 Update:  Roxy loves nothing more than to chill on the couch with her people. She does have a super silly side and loves to play with toys and even other dogs, as long as she is the boss.

Roxy is a foodie. She likes to enjoy her food and water with her whole face, so dinner time can get a little messy with this girl!
Roxy has us laughing constantly with her personality and her little tongue hanging to the side. She loves to cuddle and we are always more than happy to oblige.

10/26/20 Update:  I had a fabulous weekend! First off, some of my foster housemates moved out, which made the foster parents do some rearranging. I was so happy afterward because now I have the big bed all to myself!

On Saturday night, I chilled on the couch with foster dad and let me tell you, he gives the best belly rubs. He had me snoring in no time.

Then on Sunday, I got to go visit my friend Dianne at Puckett’s and we took some pretty pictures. I also got to eat some fries on the drive home, which was amazing! I do have a little bit of a sensitive stomach, so I don’t get many treats. But I do enjoy the sensitive stomach food that I get.

My foster parents say I am the most perfect girl and tell me my furever family will be so lucky to have me. I can’t wait to meet them.