Hooray!  Ruben has found a wonderful family and has been adopted.

Ladies, Hey Ladies—Ruben is in the house! I bet you can’t believe it, here I am, ending my career of being a ladies man. It was time, though. I am tired and I am ready to be someone’s snuggle buddy! I am 5 years old and just about perfect if I say so myself! I am a perfect size, not too big, not too small. I love to walk when it’s cool and I love to play in a kiddie pool. What will just about kill me is being outside when a lawn mower is running, or anything will wheels turning that I can see. So, for those times I need to be inside watching TV. Twice I got so excited when I saw the mower I over heated and almost died. I don’t know what it is about seeing wheels go round and round, but it drives me crazy! So, for my safety please don’t ask me to help you do lawn work. I will be more than happy to help, but it just might kill me. I love other dogs, not just the ladies. I don’t know much about kids because I didn’t live with them. I will focus on learning some inside rules and I will be having a little surgery to stop me from thinking about the ladies. So, really that’s all about me, Ruben, except I am as cute as can be!

5/4/Update:  I am still getting to know this young man of 5 years old.. figuring who he is, his personality, his likes, dislikes, etc. But so far, Ruben seems to be the most sweetest, tender, loving Bulldog we’re ever had as a foster dog. When I picked up this darling young man Ruben, they told me, “Ruben needs manners.” And then, “He needs a bath.” 😂

Ruben comes into the house as I would expect Oprah to do if she was a male intact Bulldog… “You get a whiz! You get a whiz! And you get a whiz! Everything gets a whiz! Woohoo!” Then, I noticed Ruben, the sweetest, most loving boy, has the “Jean Claude Van Damme Leg Hike” perfected! His leg can go vertical, I promise. But, no worries because ……..

Today is Ruben’s BIG DAY! Darren (rescue’s finest Dog Uber) will be swinging by to pick up this gentle soul for his procedure. He will be fixed up in no time! No more wrappings!

Ruben was introduced to the residential Bulldog baby, Bentley, who was throwing his ALPHA-THORITY around on Ruben, as expected. They did their dance to see who is in charge. Ruben was so sweet and understanding toward. baby Bentley. It was if he said, “OK, bayyyybe Bentley. Do what you gotta do. I will be submissive to your ALPHA-THORITY. I get it. You will get no problem from me.” Never has that happened so quickly. Thank you, God!

Ruben also met our rescued residential cat. No problems there-Ruben wasn’t interested. He tried to get in the hot tub, but we quickly saved him. Ruben, the most sweetest, tender, loving, submissive Bulldog, does need some training. We’ll work on sit, no, stop, etc., once he’s back from the vet’s office.

5/8/20 Update:  O’boy… with a sweet face like his, you can almost forgive Ruben for anything! We know Ruben is an incredibly loving Bulldog. He enjoyed spending time leaning on my leg, looking up at me with his sweet kissable face, while I worked on the computer this past weekend.

I needed to help him shed his old winter hair, so I used the FURminator. As I was furminating Ruben, he slowly started to get sleepy. He couldn’t keep still and then he slowly started sliding down … until he just fell asleep and then he woke up with a look of, “What just happened?”

As you may recall, when he first got to the house, we were having an issue with his marking. But the night was a bit different.  At 1:50 a.m. and at 4:20 a.m., he had walked over to the back door to hit the bell that is attached to the door knob to go outside. I thought the 1:50 one was a fluke, but after the second time, I was happy and yet miffed…. This was the same dog who whizzed on everything during the day. And at 3 a.m. on the second night he was with us, we learned he doesn’t like to sleep alone. He had to crawl into bed with Bentley, the resident Bulldog.

Yesterday, Ruben went to Dr. Larsen’s to be neutered and as soon as he’s healed up, he’ll be ready for some training! I just know Ruben will be a GREAT addition to any family. He has a lot of loving in him.

5/20/20 Update:  He is doing great with us and loves to be around people and other dogs. He got his eye sutures removed today and is settling in well, except for a little bit of separation anxiety. He does not like sleeping in the kennel and would much prefer sleeping with his human family!

5/26/20 Update:  Ruben is doing great! We’re working on him not hiking his leg inside and he really doesn’t mind wearing his belly band. He is very sociable and loves hanging on the couch with his humans! He does fine with other dogs and will play with my French Bulldog. He hates the kennel and has some separation anxiety. We have to put him in the laundry room if we leave him and he barks, so hopefully that will diminish once he feels more secure. He is a big lover and is so snuggly and sweet!

6/8/20 Update:  Ruben is doing well. He got a bath yesterday, which wasn’t his favorite. 😂 He is hiking way less in the house and we are still working on his separation anxiety. 😆 He barks when we have to leave him alone, but we’re hoping that eventually stops. We’re still evaluating how he does with other dogs. We know he loves his humans, though. He is such a lover and so affectionate.

6/17/20 Update:  He is doing well and seems to be feeling more secure. We can leave him alone now and he doesn’t bark! He loves to roll in the backyard grass, sleep on a bed or couch, chew on bones, and go on walks. He gets along OK with my other dogs, except for my Frenchie at times because they seem to both want to be the alpha! He is really lovable and especially loves being with his people!