Ruby has been adopted! Ruby actually met her new family a few weeks ago at Shotgun’s birthday party, so we already knew this would be a great match. After having an outdoor, socially distant meet-and-greet, we made it official. Ruby will spend the rest of her life snuggling with her new furever mom, dad, and fur sister, Clara! This is such a great family, and we are so happy about how this worked out for Ruby!

Hello everyone my new name is Ruby and until Sunday I was known as #263.  That’s right I have never had a name just a number to identify me. When I was loaded up on Saturday to go to the Missouri Puppy Mill Auction all I could do was hang my head.  8 years of having puppies have taken a toll on my body. I walk with a limp and I can’t walk fast at all. Matter of fact, the grass feels strange to me and I basically just stand in place and my head hangs low.  My stomach is freshly shaven and the stitches are still in. I am the face of a bulldog in a puppy mill.  When I could not have any more babies I had no value.  And the worst part is at age 8 why was I still having babies?  But little did I know Saturday was going to be the best day of my life. Someone had highlighted me in the catalog and they had vowed not to leave without me and that my days in a mill was over.  And that is just how it happened. When I was placed on the auction table there was a rescue group that saved me. Lone Star Dog Ranch made sure I was safe.  I did matter, and I would have a name. Ruby is my name because I am a precious gem.  Sunday I had a bath with warm water and I was given a new collar and leash. I have a new bed that fits just me.  It’s going to take me a while to learn I can walk around freely. I have never been anywhere in my life. But today starts a whole new chapter and follow my journey as I discover the world outside of a Missouri puppy mill.

11/20/19 Update:  I normally let the Bulldogs tell their stories, but today, I’m going to tell you Ruby’s. I’m going to tell you what I know about this amazing girl during the weeks I’ve spent with her.

Every now and then, when you volunteer in rescue, there’s always one that gets in a littler deeper. Some have horrible stories and they bounce back beautifully. Some come from families and homes, so they know about love. Then there’s that one that never had a chance, but still pushes on. The one that no one has ever loved or shown affection to… the one who has never had a toy or soft bed. Not even had a sweet word spoken to them. She didn’t even have a name. She was #263 all her life. That’s my RUBY!

She’s 8 years old and lived in a puppy mill her ENTIRE LIFE! When she came to us, she still had stitches from her final litter. Most females are retired at 4 years, but not RUBY. She was pushed for 8 years.

The first time I spent with her, I took her pictures indoors. She wasn’t scared or unruly. She was tired and broken. She sat so still, with her head down. I couldn’t even entice her with a treat, because she didn’t know what one was. I just stopped shooting and sat on the blanket with her. I pulled her into my lap and began petting her. Before I knew it, she was sleeping and I was crying.

The second week I saw her, I didn’t recognize her. She was up on her feet, ready to go outside. We both walked very slow because we’re both old girls. She looked so different, like she knew her life was going to be so much better. We got some photos, but the best time with her was watching her respond to all the attention. She even took a treat! Now that was like watching a baby take her first steps.

After the photos, she was scheduled for surgery. You see, not only did they breed her for 8 years, she had BREAST CANCER. Dr. Larsen removed the cancer, so next week, I get to see an even better Ruby.

After Rudy was rescued, Dianne took one look at her and named her RUBY. When I asked her why, she said, “SHE’S A GEM AND EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW IT!” She was right.

I know everyone wants something to love a long time and Ruby is not in the prime of her life. But let me tell you this. How ever long you would have with her would be worth every minute. You would be the first one, after 8 years of living, she would be able to experience life with… you would be the first one to see it happen! Now, that to me, would be an EXPERIENCE!

I’ll see her every week until she finds her home. She can sleep on me again, but I won’t cry this time because I realize her life’s just begun.

Let me be the first to tell you…. I LOVE YOU, RUBY!

1/10/20 Update:  Ruby is doing fantastic in her foster home. She loves her people, and gets along well with all other dogs in the house. Ruby is starting to figure out what toys are for, and is quickly learning this weird thing called “house training.” She always has the sweetest look on her face, but I’m pretty sure she is always judging us. 🤪

We are going to be jealous of whoever decides to adopt this amazing little pocket-sized Bulldog!

1/14/20 Update:   Ruby loves to snuggle with everyone, and always wants to be held! Do you need a snuggle buddy in your life?