Ruby Rhinestone

Ruby Rhinestone

I’ve left rescue and I have moved out west. That’s right, my forever family came this morning and it was love at first sight!  

I knew something was up when I had a bath this morning and my foster mom started packing my toys in a bag. I sure hoped it meant I was going to be adopted. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. 

My new mom has had Bulldogs before and I have no doubt that I am going to loved and spoiled rotten. My new dad told me how pretty I was and how soft my fur felt.  

I jumped right up in their SUV and when they pulled out and started driving west, I got so excited. I love, love, love, car rides.  They told me to settle in because it was going to be a long ride home. 

So, I’ve left the building and I’m starting a new life. I now will be the center of my family’s attention and I will have all the love a Bulldog deserves. 

I remember the date well. It was June 15, 2021, when my life would change forever. It was the day that animal control picked up and took me to the shelter.

It was the best day of my life. I thought to myself, yes, it is noisy in here and there are a lot of dogs but compared to where I came from this must be paradise.  Where I came from my ears got eaten by flies.  My fur is missing in places and my feet have sores on them. 

Every day I was at the shelter a nice lady would say “Maybe this is the day your family will come for you!” I know she was just trying to be nice and make me feel better, but every day I prayed please please don’t find me here. For Bulldogs summer is no place to be outside. Flies and mosquitoes are huge and if the heat doesn’t kill you, it will at least make you wish you was dead. 

I have no idea why my family treated me this way.  How could a cute bulldog baby grow up and not be loved? Something is wrong with one of my eyes. I should have seen an eye doctor, and now I can’t see at all out of that eye. I weigh 42 lbs. and I should weight 62 lbs.  I saw a bowl of kibble and I broke free and inhaled it. There was no stopping me. 

June 19, 2021, I joined rescue and it will be the second-best day of my life. I am free, I am loved, and someone will adopt me. Ruby Rhinestone—as beautiful as can be!

9/27/21 Update:  Hey Ya’ll!    It’s me Ruby Rhinestone…it was so great to meet some of you today in Rockwall! 🐶 I am so excited to be in my new foster home. I have lots of energy and there is a lot of space to explore but I also like to just chill near my human. Pure joy ❤️ I love people and kids and other dogs.

Anyways here are some photos and videos so you can fall in love and dream of me.

10/6/21 Update:  Ruby believes that soon her perfect family will be found and she will be moving on.  There are 2 things you need to know about Ruby. One is she is obsessed with shaking hands. Two is she loves to sit, extend her paw and have you shake it.  Often she will get off balance and tip over like a tea pot, jump back up and then assume the position.  She is the best bulldog.  There is nothing not to love about her. Ruby is a people pleaser and whoever is lucky enough to adopt her will be lucky indeed.

10/25/21 Update:  Ruby Rhinestone checking in from the pumpkin patch!  That’s right, today I got out for a bit to find some big pumpkins for the porch!  As you can see in most of my photo’s I have my paw lifted.  A paw lift means that pumpkin will work!  I took home 5 pumpkins and a bale of hay!  Can hardly wait to carve them and scare the kids!  Maybe by Halloween I will be with my new family. I sure hope so, that would be really cool!