Ruby is an 8 year old female English Bulldog whose life up to this point has been nothing short of terrible. She was a breeder dog forced to live in a 4×4 pen outside in the elements and was bred nearly to death. She is terrified of people and loud noises because she was never allowed any human contact. She cowers and shakes when spoken to because she was horribly abused but is beginning to trust her foster mom.  Ruby enjoys a pet and when you quit petting her she takes her paw and touches you again to keep you petting her. Ruby’s left hip is completely shattered because she was most likely kicked. Ruby can hardly get around at this point because of the pain and lies in her bed 90% of the time.

Ruby is a very sweet older bulldog who deserves a second chance at life and a great one at that!! Because she is an older dog, she has arthritis in her back and both hips; she has an overwhelming amount of pain. Ruby is overcompensating for the shattered hip by putting all of her weight on her right hip. Which could cause that hip to go out as well and Ruby would be completely lame. Ruby is in need of a costly surgery for her left hip to repair the damage and allow her to walk again.

The good news is that the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue vet believes that with this surgery, in 4 weeks Ruby will be a whole new dog and will be able to walk like normal and have little to no pain!

We are asking that you please help us to help Ruby have a great rest of her life and get the surgery she so desperately needs! Any donation amount would be greatly appreciated!

Giving to LSBCR is a great way to give to a very worthy cause that also has the added benefit of being tax deductible! Help us save a Ruby and thank you in advance for any contribution that you can make!