Look at me, I’m Sandra Lee! I’m a four-year old, polka-dotted, deaf, smart, and adventurous bully!

Sandy has been bred before and came to rescue as an owner surrender. Putting the past behind her, this little meatball is living the good life in foster care and has acquired many names over the past few weeks – Sandra Lee, Sandy Girl, Petunia, Meatball Marinara, and Miss Piggy just to name a few. When Sandy isn’t busy doing one of her favorite activities (snuggling, snacking, sprinting, or sleeping), she is usually shadowing her foster mom around the house. Her foster mom reports that Sandy is such a happy dog and just loves to be the center of attention. In fact, the more people that are around her the happier she is. And if you happen to crouch down next to her, you can expect a lick in the face accompanied by the sweetest little happy dance.

Despite Sandy’s deafness, her foster mom describes her as intuitive, seemingly knowing what to do at the right times. She also responds well to some hand signals, and would do best in a home that understands this need, even though it hasn’t slowed down Sandy so far! Her foster mom says that she has learned some hand signals in as little as three days and can even read her lips. Currently, she knows hand signals to sit, stay, come, stop it, lay down, shake (she’s ambidextrous!), walk, car ride and roll over – but it won’t come as a surprise to any bully-lovers that she can sometimes be a bit too lazy to roll over, so instead she just waves a paw. High five, Sandy!

Medically, Sandy is great. She had entropion eye surgery when she first came in to rescue, but has made a perfect and full recovery, and has had no problems since. Sandy also does incredibly well with kids – her three-year-old human cousin likes to put a headband on Sandy, who doesn’t complain a bit because she just likes to look her best. While Sandy has not had any exposure to cats, she definitely doesn’t like other dogs. Can you blame her? She just wants to be the only dog in her human’s life.

 Sandy is up to date on her vaccinations, spayed and on heart worm preventative.  Sandy’s adoption fee is $500.