Sweet Semper has been adopted!  This lucky girl’s new mom and dad and bulldog brother, Nacho, drove all the way from Lubbock to meet her and it was love at first sight for everyone! We’re so happy she has the furever family she has been so patiently waiting for and so deserves.

Semper fidelis is the Latin phrase that means “always faithful.” It’s the motto of the United States Marine Corps and a Bulldog is their mascot. Today, Semper joins our rescue family. She had been aptly named because she has had to be as tough as a Marine to survive.

She is only 2 years old and has spent most of her life in the backyard on a 4-foot chain. She was bred to a pit bull last year and had one litter of puppies. She has double cherry eyes that are some of the worst our volunteer has seen. But this is the sweetest girl in a small frame, weighing only about 39 pounds. She loves people and dogs large and small.

We found out this sweet girl is heartworm positive, will need to be spayed and have double cherry eye surgery. Please keep her in your thoughts over the next few weeks.

12/20/16 Update:  Sweet little Semper is a tiny little ball of 2-year-old ENERGY! But she is the sweetest little ball of ENERGY! Semper is not going to take any chance of being tied up alone in the backyard ever again, so she keeps herself right next to or right on top of her foster mom and dad at all times. All she wants to do is to be loved and to give love. We’re working on basic commands and learning what is okay to do and what’s not okay to do – since this poor girl had not been taught this before! She responds very well and is a quick learner and eager to earn our praise. And most of all, she’s learning that she doesn’t have to cower down when someone reaches down to pet her.  As you can see in her pics, her eyes are all better now and she is one pretty little bulldog looking for a forever family to love and spoil her all to pieces. What lucky family is ready to open their hearts and home to this special little bully girl?

12/28/16 Update:  Semper is all tuckered out from the Christmas festivities! She had foster family visiting from Oklahoma and quickly made herself the center of attention. They all fell madly in love with her! Semper has come a long way in the short time she has been with us. She now knows all the ways of the household and fits in with her foster sisters just fine. She sits patiently at dinnertime, waiting for all four doggies to get their bowls filled. She loves to nap in her crate and goes in on her own when she needs some quiet time. Semper is not your typical couch potato Bulldog – this little girl has energy to burn and will be good for an active family. As I write this, she is in the other room playing tug-of-war with her foster dad. She’s good on the leash and loves to take walks. She was great with my 3-year-old grandson, but managed to knock him down a few times while playing, so maybe older children would be best. She gets along with the three other dogs in the house, but it took a little while to get there. She can seem aggressive, but it’s really just that she doesn’t know how to play or interact with other dogs. This will be something to consider with other dogs in the family. And she chases cats, but responds immediately to “No.” This is a precious, loving, 2-year-old Bulldog that is eager to learn and please her foster family. She is doing all the right things to be the best little Bulldog and find her furever family.