Sheldon has been adopted! Sheldon is headed south! That’s right, he couldn’t wait to take a car ride. His furever-after he had been waiting for has happened! He will have a new fur brother named Vinnie. Plus, he gets two skin brothers who will love and play with him. It took a bit for Vinnie and Sheldon to feel each other out, but it looks like a little patience goes a long way. Sheldon’s tail couldn’t stop wagging from all the excitement.

Welcome Sheldon to rescue. He is our newest boy with a very special trait! Stay tuned for more information on this sweet an active boy.

5/12/18 Update:  Howdy partners, Sheldon here. I’m new to rescue and am anything but normal. I got to see the doc to get some cosmetics done. Now, my beautiful eyes can be seen!

Let me tell you a little about me. I LOVE other fur things. Getting angry or aggressive isn’t in my DNA. If you are looking for a potty trained, handsome hunk, stop scrolling through the profiles. I have such a strong presence and crave attention. My crate is special to me and you can find me lounging in it regularly. If you have a female lady friend I can give kisses to, that’s my thing. I seem to be the ladies man and there is a good reason for that. I have a secret weapon, and oh, when the ladies see it, they are hooked.


Oh man… it wiggles and wiggles. I have set my eye on this Texas-grown Blue Bell. She is so absolutely gorgeous to me. Anywho, I am off to soak up some more fun in the sun.   See y’all later,  🐾Sheldon