Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Great news! Remember those people I told you about? The ones who said I was handsome and well-behaved? Well, they came to Foster Mom’s house today and whisked me away to my forever home.
I’m going to miss Foster Mom, my skin brothers and even my Bulldog sister, but I am so excited to be the only dog in my new home. I am going to get all the attention and I can’t wait.
Foster Mom smothered me with hugs and kisses before I left. I normally love that, but I was ready to go! I was like, “Sheesh, lady… you’ll be OK. Today is my day!” I hopped in Mom and Dad’s truck and had the whole backseat to myself. I can already tell this is going to be amazing! Thanks for everything, rescue friends.
I am a smart investigator. For example, I discovered jealousy can be a really bad thing.
My adopted fur sister and I have lived together for as long as I can remember, but recently, I just couldn’t handle her any more. I let the jealous monster get the best of me. There were more than a few skirmishes for attention. With a toddler in the home, my parents thought it was time for a change.
I am 4 years old and weigh 61 pounds. I am ready for a fresh start. I am trying to learn my lesson, but maybe I would like being the only dog in the home. I want to be sure I get my share of attention. I am in good health, but I pull a little when I’m on a leash. Perhaps I can learn how to do better with that too.
I am anxious to move on to my new forever home and see what the future holds. I have lots of love to offer!
5/16/21 Update:  Greetings from your favorite dog detective! I’m writing to you from my new foster pad. Foster Mom says it was fate that brought us together because she loves a good mystery.
Speaking of mysteries, my new house is full of them. Weird smells, new hiding spots, a foster Bulldog sister who barks at me for no reason… I can’t wait to explore this place. I also have three human foster brothers now and they are the best. They give me so much attention, and I’m here for it. I want all the attention, all the time. If Foster Mom walks by me, she knows that she better stop to give me a quick pat or belly rub. I’ve trained her well already.
Because I love all the attention, I have been a little jealous of my Bulldog sister, but only when she tried to eat my food or got between me and some love from Foster Mom. Foster Mom says I have to be nice to my Bulldog sister and I’m working on that.
Other than that, it’s been smooth sailing at my foster home. I use the potty outside, I’m crate trained, and I know a few commands.
If you’re ready for a sweet, attention-loving pup, I may be your guy.
5/19/21 Update:  Rainy days are napping days!
Hope everyone is staying dry with all this rain we have been having. Foster Mom won’t let me go play in the mud, so I’ve been taking lots of naps lately. My favorite napping position is on my back with my paws in the air!
I have been doing really well at my foster pad. I use the potty outside, I do what Foster Mom says, and I’m very affectionate with Foster Mom and my human foster brothers.
Have you ever heard of boundaries? Well, I haven’t. I don’t have them. If your lap is free, I’m climbing in it whether you asked or not.
I’m getting along much better with my Bulldog sister. I still get a little jealous when I’m sitting with Foster Mom and she gets too close. But Foster Mom says she has enough love for both of us and then I’m usually able to calm down. My Bulldog sister and I have even played together quite a bit recently.
My ideal furever family would be one who can give me lots of attention and love. I’d love to be someone’s only pet so I can have all the love, but I can learn to tolerate a fur sibling in the right situation.  Until next time… nap on friends!
5/31/21 Update:   Just checking in from my foster pad before the long weekend. I have to say it’s a mystery to me that I haven’t found my furever home yet. I am a great listener, crate trained and very loving. I’m getting along pretty well with my Bulldog sister. Every now and then, she tries to get a toy I have and I don’t appreciate that. But Foster Mom says my human brothers do the same thing, so I guess that’s natural for siblings. I do love to play and go for walks, but I am also perfectly content snoozing on the couch with Foster Mom. I hope to meet my furever family soon. Could that include you?
6/3/21 Update: Hello, mystery buffs and Bulldog lovers! I may be named after a great detective, but I could use your help in solving a mystery… the mystery of my furever home location. Here are the clues Foster Mom has gathered so far:
1) My furever family is ready for a Bulldog who loves attention and snuggling … a lot.
2) My furever family will take me on short walks because I absolutely love them.
3) My furever home has lots of soft spots for sleeping. As you can see from these photos, I found a really great spot in my foster pad. It’s my favorite.
4) My furever home will either have no other dogs, or a dog that doesn’t like attention as much as me because I want all the attention for myself. All the time.
What do you think, friends? Can you help me solve the mystery of my furever home?

6/15/21 Update:  Hello bulldog lovers… Sherlock Holmes here. I’m now accepting applications for a furever snuggle buddy!

Wanted… a furever snuggle buddy who is ready for a fur baby that loves to cuddle.  My foster mom says I’m a really good snuggle dog. I prefer to be the “little spoon” but really I’ll sleep in just about any position as long as it’s with my human!  I’ll even let you share the pillow.

Serious inquiries only!

6/28/21 Update: It’s been a great week for me. My foster mom went on something called an airplane. She said it would be really small and cramped and I’d have to wear a mask and a seat belt, so I told her I didn’t want to go. Sounds awful.

Instead, I got to spend a few days with one of her friends from the rescue. I had a blast meeting new friends. And then I got to meet some people who want to be my furever family. They said I was really sweet and well-behaved.. they are obviously brilliant people. I did my best to look extra handsome for them and I think it worked because I’m supposed to see them again after that holiday with all the fireworks.
Keep your paws crossed, everyone. I can’t wait to be in my furever home!