I met my furever family today and I love them! 😍
We have a bit of a drive to my new home in Houston, but my new mom got me an awesome comfy bed for the drive, so I would feel cozy! How awesome is that? I’m so excited to see my new digs!
Anyhow… I just thought I would share my excitement with you!
Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! Stay safe and warm.
Please welcome Spice of the Fun-tastic Four to our rescue family! She is the quieter and more calm one of the bunch! She is also quite petite.
We were born on May 11, 2020. Our owner recently died and we were taken in by her best friend, but the friend already had five dogs of her own and four children. Let’s just say the house was crowded and sometimes chaotic.
The friend didn’t want to sell us to strangers or take us to the shelter, so she contacted Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. She knew they would find the perfect home for each of us.
We are all in pretty good shape. We are not always as calm as we were in our photoshoot. We were told we had to be nice for the photographer.
We can all run and play and be a little rowdy. We are “kinda sorta” potty trained. Somebody still makes a mess sometimes.
We got our shots (OUCH!), our physicals and we’ll get in for our surgeries in a week or two. The doctor around here is very busy! There are dogs everywhere.

1/15/21 Update:  Well, this week has been something else, hasn’t it? In MY biggest news, I joined rescue and have a foster momma.

I like it here… although I really wasn’t so sure at first. I am very shy and pretty scared of everything, including my own shadow, but I’m beginning to trust that I am safe here.

I am a bit unsure of what some things are, like toys… what do I do with those things? I have decided I like having them around me to cuddle next to for now.

I also love cuddling with my foster mom. She gives me loads of attention and calls me ‘sweet girl.’ It’s pretty awesome.

I like to go potty outside, but only if someone carries me out. So far, I refuse to go out of the door otherwise. Once I’m outside, I’m really good at toilet time.

I will tell you that I am not a fan of this thing called a leash. I tried it once and it made me spazz out… that thing scares me to death! Foster Mom said she will give me some more time to feel comfortable here before we try that again. For now, I just like to go potty in the back yard.

I love being in my cozy crate at night. It’s so comfy I sleep like a baby.

Anyway, time to go nap by the fireplace.