St. Nick

St. Nick

Look at me… I’m with my forever family now! I love them and they love me! I have a fur sister and everything. I’m going to be OK now. I’ll be checking in with you soon. Gotta go play with my fur sister!

If you are wondering how I got name, well, I was born on Christmas day in 2018 and I love Christmas! In less than a month, I’m going to be 1 year old! Wow, has this year flown.

I have been making my Christmas list and checking it twice. My list includes some new toys, treats, a big bed, and last but not least, I want Santa to bring me a family.

You may have noticed a couple things about me. One is my big feet. I keep tripping over them. And second? My wrinkles. They need some attention, as does my skin, which is a hot mess. But, I’m on my way to Dr. Larsen’s for some one-on-one, some lap sitting, and some medications to get me in tip top shape for Christmas. I also need a little surgery… a little snip snip.

I have met dogs of every shape and size and I love them all. And kids. I love kids too. So Santa Claus, start looking for my family so I can be home for Christmas!

12/15/19 Update:   I’m in my foster home now and I’m plum tuckered out. I went right to sleep and crashed! Here are a few pics for my followers because Foster Mom said I had some followers!

12/20/19 Update:  St. Nick is coming town! I’m going to be 1 year old Christmas Day! So, I get turkey and a birthday cake on the 25th. Lucky me! I’m big for my age. Husky, Big-boned, Big Boy, Stout… call me what you want, I’m all of them and just going to get bigger. You should see my feet.. they’re HUGE! So, if you adopt me, you better have a big lap.

When I came to rescue, I had demodectic mange. It’s curable with medicated baths and medication. I have had both: I love the baths and I tolerate the medication. It has worked great. My hair is growing, I don’t itch anymore and I feel so much better!

I also have lots of face wrinkles that give me droopy eyes. As soon as my skin is in good condition, I am going to have a little cosmetic surgery. Other than that, I’m a healthy boy.

I’m the definition of a playboy! Not with the girls, I just love to play. On picture day, I was ready to play. I chewed the bed, I ate the blanket, I had a tantrum in the sleigh, and I rolled over and played dead. When I wasn’t looking, they got some really good shots. I was determined to make them work if they wanted pictures of me. They laughed a lot, no matter how hard I tried to make it. They must really love their job.

After I was done torturing them, they said it was time for me to go inside. I said NOPE and made them chase me to put on my leash. I then made them coax me back in with a treat. People are so silly. I had them wrapped around my big paw.

The volunteers will take more pics after my eye surgery. Then, I’ll be darn right perfect! I’ll be fired up and ready to give them another run for their money. Oh, they love it and they love me.

Be looking for me. I’ll be back soon!
Until then, have a Merry Christmas.

12/25/19 Update:  Hey Everybody! Here is a picture from my Birthday Party!! Christmas Day is my Birthday! I had my very own cake. I shared it with all my fur friends. There were eight of us that got to eat some Birthday Cake! Yuummmy!!  I love my life now. I get more presents when I get to my forever home too!  Love, St. Nick