Stewie’s story began in February, when he was picked up as a stray. And when the shelter sent pics for us to confirm the breed, he sure looked like the real deal. However, once we got to the shelter, we discovered he might be a little “something, something” also. What we all agreed on was he was big, strong and beautiful and he needed a rescue.

Blake and Crossland accepted Stewie as their foster dog and then the work began. Months of work. Months of training, redirecting his behavior, months of making him a part of their family. It was hard, it was challenging, and it was intense. Not knowing where Stewie came from and how he had lived and how he was previously allowed to behave was also challenging. There were lots of phone calls and texts… “Can Stewie learn to be a part of a family?” was always the question.

But Blake and Crossland never gave up, never threw up their hands and never threw in the towel. Most people would have found the Stewie challenge a bit much. But not Blake and Crossland. They saw a great dog with the strength of a lion that needed some help.

They went to training, they used the trainer’s techniques and they learned right along with Stewie.

Yesterday, I saw a beast of a Bulldog that was calm and gentle, listened to Blake and Crossland and was just there to please. Yesterday was Stewie’s adoption day, and what a wonderful day it was. Stewie hit the jackpot and Stewie knew it because he did not want to go anywhere else. Stewie is home.

Break through the hole in the fence, they said. You will be free and it will be fun, they said. Well let me tell you, life on the streets scrounging for food and shelter is not all that much fun!

My name is Stewie and I am so glad someone picked me up and took me to a shelter. A comfy bed, two meals a day, out of the rain and cold, all the fresh water I could drink and toys I could play with is a much better life for a Bulldog like me.

I am six years old and stout as a bully should be. I do have some issues from years of neglect that need to be cared for. I have beautiful brown fur and light brown eyes. I absolutely love being around people and I have always been around other dogs and like them.

I can’t wait to get back to having my own home. I want a place where I will be loved and cared for. And I promise I will never run away again!

2/15/19 Update:  Stewie, the big lug, would like to thank you for his Valentine’s Day Benebone. He asked me to thank you all for him because, well, his mouth is full.

5/12/19 Update:  Stew-bie Dooby Doo here! Actually, my name is Stewie, but Foster Mom loves to call me Stewbie-Doo. I have made many strides since being in my foster home. I was obviously an outdoor dog and didn’t know there were proper ways to act indoors. However, I have done lots of potty training and am (mostly) a pro. I have also learned to sit and (mostly) stay. I want SO badly to be loved, I think I could learn anything. I’m a big guy with a soft heart and eyes that will melt yours. I will protect you from the vacuum and all other pets. Yes…..I don’t care very much for my fur brothers, but I have made some progress there, as well. I will love you so very much if you make me yours.