Stumpy has been adopted!  This beautiful bullie has been waiting patiently for his forever family and boy has it paid off!  His new mom and dad actually met Stumpy a couple of weeks ago at the cross-fit event, but didn’t really get to spend much quality time with him.  They caught him laying in front of the fan when they got there.  Little did they know he was his charming and sweet little self about an hour prior.  But guess what?  They remembered him laying there like a frog on the floor and decided they wanted some one on one time with the Stump-man. Well, it was just love at first sight for all three!  His new dad decided to take the week off after adoption to bond with his new best bud.  Is that awesome, or what?  All reports are that he is quite the character (of course) and is adjusting very well in his forever home.

I know Stumpy will have the life he was meant to have and deserve!

Welcome 5 year old Stumpy to rescue! His owners took him in from another family who no longer wanted him. But then his new family later moved to the metroplex after dad lost his job. They ended up in a small third floor apartment and Stumpy spent too much of his time out on the balcony. With summer coming on, they knew that would no longer work. Plus Stumpy developed some pretty bad allergies after moving to the area and dad also began breaking out and sneezing when around Stumpy. Things were just going downhill and the family reached out to us for help. They want Stumpy to have a yard where he can run and play.

Stumpy is very active, loving and smart as can be. He knows several commands including to stay when his food is served and not moving until given the command to eat!  He would be best for an active family without very small children. He would love to fetch and take long walks with you!

6/28/17 Update:  Hi, everyone…it’s Stumpy here. I am digging this whole fostering thing and foster mom says I should get used to it because it is going to be my life from now on! I have the softest blankets to lay on, along with the cushiest beds. And let’s talk food… I get kibble and a whole bunch of other stuff in the bowl that I hear is good for me. But who cares about that when it tastes so good?

I’m getting along great with my foster brother and sisters. They are so much fun to play with. And when they are napping, I love to play with toys, even throwing them in the air because Im so happy. I am 5 years old, happy and healthy. My left eye is a little cloudy, but I have drops put in them a couple times a day and that makes it feel so good. I’m catching on to this thing called house training with the help of my foster sibs. Word through the house is I’m great with baths, face wiping and sitting still for the eye drops. I’m a total catch!

My foster mom and dad snuggle with me and give me all the belly rubs I want. I’m even getting used to all this kissing stuff from foster mom. Just something else I’m going to have to get used to!

7/17/17 Update:  What a week Stumpy has had… an awesome week in his foster home! He has just about conquered the whole potty outside thing and we couldn’t be more impressed and proud. He is getting along great with his foster brother and sisters and has definitely found his place on a full couch of Bulldogs. Stumpy threw his foster mom for a scary loop yesterday morning when the sounds of vomiting came from his direction and then saw a sock coming out of his throat. A whole, men’s dress sock! Stumpy, the sneaky little bugger, can slide open the closet door and knock over the clothes hamper. Good to know for the future!

Stumpy is in great health but will probably need daily eye drops the rest of his life. If you have a comfy couch and lap and a couple of fun toys, Stumpy is the Bulldog for you!

7/23/17 Update:  What a week Stumpy had. No more staying in the crate during the day-this boy has mastered house training! So proud of our boy. Next up? To stop knocking over the gate at bedtime. The reward? Sleeping on the couch alllll night long. We have faith in Stumpy! He so wants to please his people. He is still getting along wonderfully with his foster brother and sisters. Even the cranky ones! Belly rubs and chew toys… a simple boy with simple wishes.

8/6/17 Update:  Stumpy had the best time at the Rescue Rodeo yesterday. He basked in all the love and attention, which was aplenty! He flirted, wagged what butt he has and gave kisses to all. Stumpy continues to be a wonderful houseguest with his foster family. His days consist of napping, looking for belly rubs (that he will gladly roll over for to give you easiest access) and looking for dropped food or treats. This boy loves to eat! Unfortunately, we’ve learned he also likes to eat articles of clothing, too. But we have a handle on that with a locking clothes hamper. He is just too smart and curious for his own good. Stumpy is loving, cuddly and just the sweetest little boy. He loves to toss his toys in the air and is just so happy. His house training is going very well, with very rare accidents as of late. Stumpy would do well in a variety of homes… with older kids, other dogs he’s doing great, or even as an only. Is he the Bulldog you are looking for?

6/14/17 Update:  Sweet Stumpy.  Stumpy has become such an amazing bulldog.  His manners have improved so much and he is just the happiest little soul.  He loves to play with his toys, chewing on them for a while then tossing over his head and doing it all over again.

When it comes to snuggle time, he is the best.  Snuggling in your lap or laying down by your legs, he’s easy to please. Since Stumpy does have an affinity to chew your socks and other such items of clothing, so a family that is either familiar with this sort of habit would be best.  Or at least one  that picks up their socks!