Sugar Puddin’

Sugar Puddin’

Sugar Puddin’ had a meet-and-greet and her new family just fell head over heels in love with her!
Sugar’s new mom is no stranger to rescue and she is super excited about continuing to help Sugar grow and have the most fabulous life.
Sugar received the best Christmas present ever ~ her very own family to love and treat her just as she deserves, like a princess. Foster Mom is going to miss your sugar kisses and wiggle butts!

My name is Sugar Puddin’ and I am 6 years old. Today I heard my friends Honey Dew and Brindleigh left home to join rescue, and I was not about to let them leave without me. We have lived most of our lives together.

You can see I am fawn and white and I have had a few litters of puppies. But those days are over for all us gals. I met Dr. Larsen today and sat on her lap while she told me how beautiful and lucky I was to join rescue. Other than the normal stuff I think I am in pretty good shape.

So keep checking this page and see how they spruce me up and get me ready for my new forever home. Do you think you want a middle-aged girl like me?

10/2/20 Update:  Sugar Puddin’ had a good first night in her foster home. She is slowly getting used to things in her new surroundings. She was a little mad to get a bath, but is enjoying her comfy new bed and crate. She does not like loud noises or fast motions from her foster family, but she warms up easily to a friendly voice or scratch behind the ears. She had some teeth removed, including a large canine up front. Maybe that’s why her enormous tongue hangs out further and makes her super adorable! She’s a bit stubborn in her Bulldog ways and is not keen on going outside or in the crate at times…. it’s a good thing she’s cute!

10/20/20 Update: Sugar Puddin’ is such a delight! She gets so excited when she gets some loving and has a booty wiggle that will melt your heart.

Sugar Booger, as I call her, is quite timid and scares easily, so a calm house without young children would probably be best for her. She is pretty calm, but quickly gets excited and wants to be in your lap. She is learning about toys, soft beds, and that not all hands are mean. She quickly retreats to the kennel if there are quick movements, such as turning on the lights, but she is slowly realizing that that foster mom means no harm. Stay tuned to watch Sugar Puddin’ blossom into perfection!
11/12/20 Update:  It’s a beautiful day, but I prefer my room! My foster mom leaves my gate open quite a bit these days and tries to get me to come out and explore, but I really like my room. It has my toys and everything I need.
I’m doing alright with the other pups. They kind of scare me, so I tend to play by myself. I’m not really sure how to play with them, but foster mom is helping me. I don’t always like to share my room or toys, but my foster mom is helping me with that too. One of my favorite things to do is give kisses to my foster mom!
11/30/20 Update:   It’s a good day at Mays’ Manor! Sugar Puddin’ has started venturing out of her bedroom and has started testing out other beds in the house. She is still a bit timid, but is really doing well with the other pups.