Sunshine has been adopted! The sweetest couple, Erin and Mitch, adopted this sweet girl yesterday. It may have been raining outside, but inside, there was nothing but smiles and Sunshine. She knew right away that it was her day. She had the biggest smile and lots of love for her new furever family. Happy tails, sweet girl.

Earlier today, volunteer Ronnie received an urgent message from the Humane Society of North Texas in Fort Worth. They had taken in a Bulldog from deplorable conditions and the dog needed help ASAP.

In about 25 minutes, fellow Bulldog owner and rescue supporter Tessa was there. She pulled Sunshine to safety. Thank you, Tessa, for always being willing to drop everything to help us! As Tessa drove Sunshine from Fort Worth to Allen, Sunshine just wanted to have her paw held. Covered in orange sand and starving, Sunshine seemed to know she was finally safe. Sunshine sat down, rolled over, licked Tessa’s face and, if she could have talked, she would have said, “Thank you for coming today. I have been waiting to be rescued my whole life.”

The women at the shelter named Sunshine and they were so happy she was able to leave with rescue as quick as she did. The pictures remind us all that not all Bulldogs live on sofas … some actually live like Sunshine lived. But that is all behind her now. We are ready to help this girl shine!

6/29/18 Update:  Foster girl Sunshine has some great news to announce: she tested NEGATIVE for heartworms! She is about 4 years old and weighs 38 pounds. She has a slight heart murmur, which could be linked to her malnutrition and dehydration. It is obvious she has been living on concrete and laying in urine and feces a lot. Her whole back end is stained and partially raw. She has staph skin infections and other skin issues. She screams when you touch her back legs or feet. She is also timid and afraid when you first approach her. I don’t think she has had that much contact with people, and what she has had has not always been pleasant. But she loves to give the sweetest kisses after she warms up to you.

Doc wants to do some X-rays and check a few more things. She definitely needs to gain some weight, but she has all the makings of a beautiful and sweet Bulldog.

8/6/18 Update:  I have one word to describe Sunshine…love-bug. She stuck by my side all weekend. She loves to snuggle and give lots of kisses. We are working on all the basics. Sunshine is learning about potty training, walking on a leash, and some basic commands like sit. She is smart and wants to learn. I don’t know that she’s ever really been on a walk before. She had two potty accidents, one in her crate which could have just been marking and one poo one the floor while I was busy with laundry. She is learning that when the bells on the door ring she gets to go outside so I think it’s just a matter of time. So far she isn’t interested in toys and playing but I’ll keep trying. I also tried some healthy snacks like carrots and apple slices but she didn’t want either one. She likes to trot wherever she’s going and the song “Walking on Sunshine” runs through my head as she struts along. 

8/12/18 Update:  I had a great week. I’m learning that I like taking walks. I get to meet the neighbors and they get to see how cute I am. I love giving kisses to anyone who will let me. Foster ma says I’m doing good with my manners and learning where to do my business. I discovered that I like toys. But my favorite thing is a good cuddle and belly rub on the couch. If you’re looking for the sweetest, petite Bulldog, I’m your girl. Please apply to adopt and maybe I’ll be matched to you. I’ll be your Sunshine when skies are gray.

8/28/18 Update:  I wanted to let you know what I have been up to the last couple of weeks. Foster Ma brought home a new foster brother. He is too busy for me. I just want to cuddle with Foster Ma, but she insists on playing with him.

I love belly rubs and Foster Ma says I’m getting better at walking on a leash. I’m starting to enjoy the time in the morning and evenings, being able to sniff stuff and meet neighbors. I’m still working on where to do my business. I’m sure I’ll get that figured out soon.

I’m looking for a forever family that wants a sweet, petite girl who loves to cuddle. Belly rubs will be a must in my forever home. If I sound like the girl for you, maybe you’ll be matched to me. Put in that application. I’ll be waiting.

9/16/18 Update:  Sunshine is such a sweet girl. She is so cuddly and just wants to be with her humans. She loves all people and will love on anyone she meets. She follows me all around the house just to stay close. She is getting better on a leash and heads straight to the door when I get her harness. She will also sit for a treat, but she may wait to see if she will get the treat without sitting first. 😜

Sunshine would be best in a home where she is the only fur baby. Although she gets along with other dogs in the house, we struggle when another dog is introduced. It’s very easy to love this sweet little girl.

10/21/18 Update:  Sunshine had a fabulous time at Bull-O-Ween. She met lots of great people and shared many kisses and cuddles. She was completely exhausted afterward and went to sleep nice and early. She’s been doing great with the potty training. No accidents when foster mom is home with her. Sunshine has also learned to sit quickly when treats are involved. All the rain proved to be a challenge. She took her energy out on the plush toys and foster mom had to throw away quite a few that didn’t survive. Sunshine soaked up some sunshine once the rain stopped. This girl is so full of love just waiting for the right furever family.

11/27/18 Update:  It’s been a little while since my last update because of all the fun activity going on… I learned how to use a doggie door and haven’t had any accidents in the house. I had a great time on Thanksgiving Day. Foster Mom has a nephew and I had so much fun giving kisses to him. I helped Foster Mom put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house. I would love to find my forever family before Christmas. Foster Mom says that she will help me write a letter to Santa. Well, I have to run… lots to do before Christmas!

12/9/18 Update:  Sunshine had a rough week. But I’m happy to report that she is back in her foster home, recuperating after surgery on Thursday. Dr. Larsen was able to remove a toy and cardboard from Sunshine’s stomach. Apparently, she has a bigger appetite than her foster mom was aware of. Sunshine’s future forever family will need to know that plush toys and boxes will need to be kept away from this sweet girl. She’s getting lots of cuddles from foster mom.