Syrup finally finished her puzzle of life today! All the pieces fell in the right place and she is headed to South Texas. She will now be named Abbey after The Beatles’ hit. We are so happy for her and she will now have an amazing parents to call her own. There isn’t anything better than that feeling of knowing things happen for a reason. We will miss you, devilish (grin), sweet Abbey. Until we see each other again, many hugs and kisses….

Some things in life are hard to understand. But not all bulldog matches are made in heaven. Sometimes, despite our best efforts and those of the adopters, the adoption does not work. Even the best of dogs are sometimes returned. This is what has happened to Syrup. For whatever reason the adoption just did not work with this family. Syrup is still as sweet as her name, and is more than ready to make your home her forever home.

With a name like Syrup I thought I was getting about 29 pounds of sweetness! Not too sure that is the case!  In passing another much larger dog, Syrup showed all her sharp teeth and the other dog just dropped to the ground in fear.  Syrup was found by a family and after they were not able to find the owner they got her all cleaned up. After they got rid of all the fleas and figured she would make a great addition to their family and would love their male bulldog, Waffles. But Syrup had other ideas!  She is a scrappy little lady and size does not matter. A good ole southern brawl seems to be right up her alley!  Welcome Syrup to rescue!

11/22/17 Update:  Oh yes my name says it all!  I am sticky like syrup which means I will stick to you like maple syrup on a pancake.  I am a feather weight little thing that is looking for lovin’.  You can also call me sweet, happy, and playful.  I am an alpha female, so keep that in mind if you have any other fur babies.  I do like to be in your lap or sitting next your leg if possible.  I am working on my social skills in my foster home.  It is strange to be around so many other fosters.  I am finishing up my medication within the next few weeks.  I know where to go potty and have no issues eating all my food.  I heard in rescue they have these things they call a meet and greets.  It’s where I can potentially meet my furever family.  That would be soooo cool!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll check back in next week 🙂

2/4/18 Update:  Hello again is me Syrup. Yeah I am back in Rescue and taking it like a champ.  Sometimes in life the puzzle pieces just don’t fit right.  It’s ok, I got me a new puzzle and waiting for my new furever family puzzle piece to fit with me.  I am a petite girl with a little wishbone stance.  I have a beautiful smile and very short coat.  I love to be brushed and more so loved on.  I crave attention and will follow you everywhere.  I am happy to take treats from you and will sit on command.  My foster pops loves to hold me and give me kisses.  I am completely potty trained and will wait to go outside.  I know I need my own space because I have to show my dominance over other fur things.  Please share my story of put in an application to meet me.