Tank suddenly, and unexpectedly crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Requiem for Tank….

Our hearts are heavy as our sweet little Tank passed away unexpectedly yesterday morning.

Ten year old Tank came into our lives a little over 6 months ago, having been given up by the only family he had ever known. He stole our hearts immediately. This infinitely gentle, impish little bulldog didn’t have an unhappy bone in his body. Despite his senior status, Tank acted like a much younger dog, and never met a female bullie that he didn’t love. In fact, Tank quickly earned the sobriquet “Hef” in our house, for the obvious reasons. We even had visions of a red velvet smoking jacket and pipe for next year’s Bull-o-Ween… Tank was our constant companion around the house. He would follow us from room to room, and wait patiently while we did whatever silly thing we were doing. Patient, not judging- Tank just wanted to be with us as much as possible. He was my snuggle companion every morning while I had my coffee, and I will miss him more than I can say. We selfishly hoped that Tank would be with us for a long time to come.

Tank passed away as he had lived the last 6 months- knowing only love, and in the arms of the woman who claimed him as her own. I know Tank is at peace. Tank was the second senior dog that we have adopted, and lost, over the past couple of years. Will we continue to adopt seniors? Without question. While it breaks our hearts to lose Tank, he filled them to the brim before he left. Godspeed Tank- until we meet again.


Tank has been adopted!!! Stay tuned for pics of his new family!  Beautiful boy Tank came into our home 3 months ago-  malnourished (in every sense of the word), and with a skin condition that was causing him a lot of irritation. Despite these problems, and being abandoned by the only family that he had ever known, Tank’s indomitable spirit and gentle soul shone through, and he stole our hearts quickly. I’ll never understand what makes someone give up something that loves them so unquestioningly, but I am grateful that it brought us Tank. He belongs with us.

This sweetest boy is our constant companion, following us anywhere we go and waiting patiently by our side while we do whatever silly thing it is that seems important to us. Tank does not judge. He just looks at us with unconditional love. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want to let us out of his sight, for fear that we may not come back. He needn’t worry. Nine year old Tank will know nothing but a life of love- playing with his 2 sisters, being mercilessly cuddled, and “suffering” interminable belly rubs…Tank will also help other rescue dogs that join Renea and me. He’ll help them transition to their new homes while they’re here- showing them that there is a better life to come, when they find the people that they are meant to be with, and that will love them as they should be loved. He will live out his life with us as a reminder of all the dogs we’ve been blessed to help foster, as well as all those yet to be rescued. In the words of Charles de Gaul- “The more I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs”.


Meet 9-year-old, 45 pound Tank. His owners had him since a puppy. They sold their house sooner than expected and had to move out quickly. The only thing they could find is a third floor apartment, and they didn’t think that would be good for Tank. Stay tuned for more details about this hunk. Tank is now up to date on all his shots and tested heart worm negative.

5/17/16 Update:  Tank has spent a few days at the vet for observation and treatment. He has a form of dermititis that has caused his belly to be swollen, red and painful. He has been on antibiotic for a few days and looks and feels so much better. He is about ready to go to his foster home.

6/18/16 Update from his new foster mom:  Tank is so itchy. Poor guy. I’ve slowly been putting some Desitin on his under side. He must have been a big boy at one time because he looks a lot like the females that have had babies. You can feel his spine and ribs when you go to pet him- so sad. But he seems to be a happy boy, and hasn’t lost his spunk with the ladies, much to the chagrin of my girl. No worries though… she’s told him what the boundaries are!

6/27/16 Update:  What a special guy this Bulldog is. He is 9 years old, tiny and just adorable. Food and a couch… that’s all this boy requires. If he had thumbs, I’m sure he’d have the TV remote in his paw, too! Tank is opening up slowly with us, following us around the house, content to just lay down until you move on to the next room. He likes to chill in his crate, but with the door open. Tank is fully house trained and beyond the chewing of furniture and shoes. He gets along great with his foster sisters… he’s still thinking he’s just a young pup ~ if you know what we mean. If the girl Bulldogs could roll their eyes, they would. Tank is your guy if you are looking for a special Bulldog to chill out with you!

7/10/16 Update:  Lil’ man Tank had a great week with his foster family. His surgery to remove two masses has not slowed this dude down. He will have his stitches removed tomorrow, but I imagine that won’t phase him either. He loves his foster sisters… I mean, loves his foster sisters! They have no problem telling him to back off and he will happily stop. He really does have great energy being 9 years old. He loves to relax and chew on a bone, followed by an awesome nap. Tank rarely lets his foster parents out of his sight and I just love hearing his footsteps behind me. He may have a little toy aggression, but that is easy to deal with. No food aggression and he is very submissive with the other dogs. This little man has so much fun and love to give. Are you looking for that in a buddy? Apply to adopt via our website today!

7/18/16 Update:  Tank, or Tankie, as we like to call the petite boy, had a wonderful week. We notice each day how much more he opens up and has dropped his guard, knowing that he never has to have it up again. We even get tail wags now! He has become so much more playful with us, wanting to play tug of war with his favorite toy. He has a tough little growl when he does it, which kinda alarmed us at first, but he is in total, “lets play!” mode when he does. When it comes to eating, Tank doesnt want all of that fru-fru, healthy stuff in his meals… he would be a meat and potatoes dude! But he lets foster mommy put a little goats milk in there… just a little!  As you can tell, we just love this funny little boy. He has been a complete joy to foster and he will make the perfect addition to one lucky family!