Ted E. Bear

Ted E. Bear

Everyone knows that good things come to those who wait. And now I know why. My good thing is my new dad, Steve. 

I have been looking through the approved applications for a perfect family just for me for some time. Kids make me nervous sometimes, so I had to weed out families with kids. And sometimes women make me uncomfortable, so I was looking for just a dude who loves Bulldogs and here he is… Steve! 

Steve has adopted several Bulldogs from rescue and just this week, his boy Shotgun left for the Rainbow Bridge at the age 14. I decided I was going to help Steve and Steve was going to help me. It was a win-win for both of us. Steve showed me some pictures of Shotgun on his phone and told me I had some big shoes to fill. I let him know real quick that I was the one for the job. 

Steve lives on a farm and he plans to make me a “farm hand.” Not really sure what that means, but I am up for the challenge. 

Well, that’s all for now. We are off to the feed store to buy the donkeys some food, the goats some pellets and the ducks some grain. Steve also is going to buy me some new T-shirts, so my skin doesn’t get blistered when we are working the cattle. 

Life is good, rescue is great, but I am out of here. See ya later at a rescue event, but never on the rescue’s “Needing a Home” page!

Special thanks to volunteers Matt and Katie who braved the below-freezing temperature and scary roads to save Ted E. Bear from a local shelter this morning. He’s said to be 2 years old and his skin is in horrible condition. The skin on his face is cracked and bleeding, and he’s pretty much bald everywhere else. Please keep this guy in your thoughts. Hopefully, we can give him some relief ASAP. We’re certainly grateful Matt and Katie were able to pull him prior to the more dangerous weather coming in for us this weekend.

2/16/21 Update:  I’m feeling much better after my bath and nail trim. I have a warm, comfy couch to relax on while the storms blow through. I even got a new Batman T-shirt! Looking forward to feeling better each day. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

2/24/21 Update:  Ted E. Bear is such a sweet boy! He had a great time relaxing this past week in a warm home with a comfy bed. He heads to Dr. Larsen’s this week to get checked out. He’s been so patient as we’ve worked on his skin. And he’s secure enough in his masculinity to wear pink.

2/28/21 Update:  Say hello to Mr. Ted E. Bear— the teddy,    bully you’ll ever meet! We picked up this young fella on Wednesday and he has been a delight!

Dr. Larsen and her angels worked their magic on his medical issues and now he just gets to enjoy medicated baths and vitamin E on his back. Ted E. has been a gentle joy and we look forward to getting to know more about him through future #TedTalks. Stay tuned!

3/30/21 Update:TedTalk 3.29: Today’s Ted Talk will cover some burning questions my fans have asked.


How cute am I? Well that is evident. I am the cutest. I have velvety soft white fur. I also have a very interesting coat – it’s pink with very cool black spots. Dr. Larsen says this is because I am a very special white bulldog who often inherit this trait. My FM is giving me amazing baths and Vitamin E oil which may lead to fur re-growth but for now, I get to wear fashion-forward t-shirts in the sun.


Do I like other dogs? I have spent time with bulldogs and am currently residing with a very high-strung little Morkie terrier. I have done great with all dogs my size or smaller.


What do I like? I LOVE love, belly rubs, honestly rubs of all kind.


How do I do on a leash? I honestly could be a show dog. My FM says I walk better next to her than any dog she’s ever had. I will walk or trot right by your side. Look out dog show world, I’m ready!


Am I loud? Nope. I am a fairly quiet, thoughtful type. Of course, naps don’t count. My snore is legendary.


Am I playful? Well, hello?! I’m only two so I have some spunk and energy spurts when you throw a ball my way or take me out to the backyard.


Please send in questions for next week’s TedTalk. I’m all ears!

4/20/21 Update:  Today’s TED Talk addresses being TWO! Forget the human terrible twos. With me, it’s the terrific TWOs! I am still a sweet baby in many ways, but with all the benefits. I do my duty (get the pun?) outside, sleep in a crate at night with no complaint, let my humans bathe me, take treats gently and more!
But don’t mess with my snooze. As they say, let sleeping dogs lie!

5/4/21 Update:  Today’s TED Talk covers the Patio Paw-ty. In case you missed me yesterday, I just wanted to let you know that I crushed it. 💪

Seriously. I was living my best 2-year-old life at this Paw-ty! I could not meet enough humans, smell enough Bulldogs, get enough pets or lay on my back in the middle of everything for enough tummy rubs from complete strangers. I honestly think I was the life of the Paw-ty…. until those even younger pups showed up!
I mean, look at me… I can even snore with my eyes open. I truly believe I could be a Bulldog ambassador. Who’s ready for Ted E. Bear? Raise your hands, people!
5/19/21 Update:  Today’s TED Talk asks the question: Where are all my fans? Are there any approved applicants who want to meet me yet? I am a terrific 2-year-old kid with so much love to give. Don’t be scared by my fantastic coat – it doesn’t bother me a bit! I get baths like any other Bulldog. I’m a fun, funny guy. Who’s ready for Ted
5/28/21 Update:  Foster boy Ted E. Bear sharing today’s TED tip: Always try multiple angles when you take selfies. I prefer my side look – dignified, thoughtful, adorable. Also, make sure you brush your teef first. I see tartar buildup in my headshot.
6/7/21 Update:  Today’s TED Talk covers my bulldog ways. I can snore and toot with the best of ‘em but let’s discuss what makes me uniquely Ted. I think reflections and thunderstorms are alive and I will chase them and run around in the backyard looking for the creature that is making all of that noise in the sky. I am obsessed with my foster dad and am very protective of him, especially at night. I keep hearing the word “guarding” and a trainer named “Jenelle” who I’m gonna meet to discuss my very bullie ways.
6/15/21 Update:
Ted is 2
Ready to meet you
He’s lovable, loving, fun and funny
A spotted beast
As sweet as honey
Don’t get me wrong
The bully’s in there
Catch him off guard or sleeping
And you best beware
Is his future close?
The softest boy wonders most
7/1/21 Update:  Ted E. knows about Tongue-Out Tuesday, but what about Side-Eye Thursday? This beautiful Bulldog is patiently waiting for his furever home.
Ted E. is a champ with his miniature fur bro… but can be all Bulldog with his favorite human (hello – guarding?) so he would be best in a house without miniature humans.