Tiger (now Tigger)

Tiger (now Tigger)

Tiger has been adopted!  I’m loaded up in the car ready to go. Foster Mom gave me a bath for my important meet and greet.

Funny story on the way to pick up Foster Dad from work… Foster Mom asked for him to plug in the address so we could head in the right direction. Foster Mom had a shocked look because the GPS said it would take 3 1/2 hrs to get there. Of course, Foster Dad just said “You typed it in wrong.” I’ve never seen my Foster Mom’s eyes roll like that after his comment. They checked the address and it was apparently correct. What had happened was they thought it was A&M COMMERCE not College Station. So our 1 hr drive just turned into 3 1/2 hrs. We called up my potential mom and she was OK with us running a little late. We ended up getting there at 10:30 pm.

Well, great news I found my furever home and now I have a bother named Gus! He wasn’t so sure of me at first because I was all about my new mom. He was telling me to behave myself and share… LOL. Well, I’m working on that and I believe we will be best buds!

I wanted to thank everyone in Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue for giving me a chance to have a furever new life. My new name is “Tigger.”

My name is Tiger and I belong with all four paws firmly planted on American soil! It’s always been that way and always will. So when my dad found out he was being transferred to Spain for his job, I took my stand. I don’t ride in airplanes and I don’t speak Spanish. They will have to move without me!

That is not easy for me or them. I am 6 years old and I have lived with them my entire life. But we all knew it was the best decision. So here I am in rescue looking for a new family who will love me as much as the first one did. I need a family who will let me live out the second half of my life with them. But don’t think I am ready for the old dog’s home! I can outrun most dogs half my age and play with the puppies for hours.

Some may think I am a little thin for a Bulldog, but that is what keeps me nimble and my joints healthy. I love all pets and humans of all ages. So let’s get this party started and fill out those applications if you want to be matched with me.