Miss Tilly has been adopted!!  From her foster momma: For 306 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes and 4 seconds, Tilly has been a loyal member of Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. Patiently, she has waited, always wondering and always hopeful that the next Bulldog finding a forever home would be her. Was she too big? Was her coat not right? Was she not young enough? Tilly always wondered why she never was chosen. I told Tilly she was too beautiful for most applicants. Tilly had my heart. In my eyes, Tilly was perfection. Last night, Tilly had her last bath, her last cream cheese cracker and her last romp around the back yard chasing her squirrel friends in her foster home. Today, Tilly headed southeast, to the county, to live on a ranch with cows and horses. Tilly has a family now that is retired. Tilly’s dreams have came through. I cried, Lynda cried. We were a mess. Lynda cried because she was happy; I cried because Silly Tilly finally had a wonderful family. Tilly happily loaded herself up in Brianne’s back seat, like she had known them forever. I am so happy for Tilly.

My name is Tilly and I think I am about 3 years old.  Not sure exactly how my life ended up this way, but I am here to say I am certainly glad that I was rescued. I have a awful cut on the side of my neck that is really painful, and I have heart worms. I know I was born a beautiful bulldog baby and someone promised to love me and take care of me forever.  Forever for me was not very long. My family made me have puppies and I think I was just a puppy myself when I had puppies! I was picked up my a great animal control person that immediately knew I needed help. When I heard that I was going to LSBCR I was jumping for joy. I was even more excited when someone said “Tilly someone is here for you!”  I was dancing and prancing and licking and kissing and I was hurrying really fast to get out to the car and out of town to start my new life. Then guess what happened to me?  Every shelter worked came out of their office and hugged my neck and told me they loved me and I was beautiful and I was going to have the most amazing new life with a family that would love me forever. I laid down right their in the lobby and was kicking my legs in the air so fast with excitement everyone starting to cry and I was just like  “Please don’t let this moment end, let me be loved like this forever!”

I am headed to the vet to start my Heart Worm treatment, to get spayed, and have all my vaccinations. And in about 30 days I will be ready to have that new life with a new family that will love them forever!  Signing off, Silly Tilly the Bulldog Babe.

7/24/16 Update:  I have only had Miss Tilly a week, but she is a joy. She just completed her first week of crate rest after her heartworm treatment and eye surgery. She is a beautiful dog and she is my funny foster. I have never had a Bulldog that was a gatherer. I found all kinds of things in her crate in the short time she is allowed to roam. I even found my purse. Yes, my purse (full of everything). She has gathered my shoes, cap and some papers that were laying on a side table. She doesn’t destroy them ~ just puts them in her crate. I never know what I’m going to find next. She is a happy, well-mannered girl. She is also very smart. She will come up to you when you’re sitting and put her feet in your lap for loving. Her coat is beautiful and shiney. She would be a great Bully for a family with children, or just someone who loves to be entertained. She is great with dogs and cats, but people are her favorite. She also loves her crate, with or without all my belongings in there. Tilly has three more weeks of crate rest before she can be adopted, but after that she will ready for a forever family.

8/10/16 Update:  Tilly is finally off crate rest and I thought it would be a relief for me and her, but she is feeling much better now, so her true personality is coming out. She is a very happy dog and loves people, but we are finding out that Miss Tilly does not put up with growling from any of her sisters. I have two alpha females in the house, so when one of them decides to let Tilly know she is just one of the girls on the lower end of the pecking order, Tilly does not react kindly. She is great with all the other girls and my one boy. They are mellow and do not like confrontation, but those two bossy ones now have a run for their money! Her gathering has slowed down. I only found two things in her crate this week. A bag of cat food and a roll of toilet paper (good grief)! She did get into the shredder box (a cardboard box under my desk) in the my office and made her a nice bed of my bills and work papers.  Her antics are the biggest thing I will miss (yes, I said WILL miss) when she finds her furever family. She keeps every day very interesting. It’s like having a 2 year old in the house. You get so aggravated with her until she looks at you with that sweet face and big eyes, like she’s saying, “I’m Sorry, But I Just Can’t Help Myself.”  She will do well in a family setting where she can be the only child or with a sister or brother who is not an alpha. She is a beautiful, sweet and fun baby girl and will certainly keep any household interesting!That’s the Tilly update. Tune in next week and see what I find in her crate. It’s like a treasure hunt ~ fun and you never know what your going to find.

8/16/16 Update:  Tilly and I have had a wonderful week! We go on two walks a day and have found a love for Bully sticks. Between the two, she has been a quiet and sweet girl. The walking seems to have stopped the gathering of ALL MY THINGS. I can now find my shoes in the closet and my purse where I left it. She is my young girl of the family and needs a little more activity then the older ladies. She has gotten along with all her sisters and brother and started playing with toys this week. Tilly is such a pretty girl and her markings are beautiful. This is what I have learned about Tilly: She loves you with all her heart. She loves to be close to you and will sit and watch you put on makeup, brush your teeth and paint your toenails. She just sits at attention looking straight at you, as still as statue. She just wants to be with you. She loves to walk and walk and walk. She loves her treats, but will wait very patiently for her turn. Never aggressive at meal time and now that she is off crate rest and out of her crate for the second week, she has realized the other Bullies are not out to get her and so she doesn’t have to be aggressive. She is a calm and quiet girl. Last but not least, her favorite thing is the kiddie pool we have in the back yard. She runs and jumps in it, splashes around and dunks her head under water. She will dance around until you make her get out. She is my excitement and my calmness all in one. I love Tilly very much!

8/21/16 Update:  Who couldn’t love Tilly? She is my happy girl. Always happy! We had a great week. The gathering has stopped. She had a meet & greet this week and did GREAT! The family had three beautiful girls and the mom and dad were sweet and loving people. She made herself right at home. The girls took her to their room and played with her until we had to go. She loved it. Now, I look boring. She is a girl who needs a family with children. She has lots of energy and loves to be hugged. It was the first time I got to observe her with children and it was wonderful to see. Tilly is a very healthy girl, with no medical issues. All that is required out of her furever family is love and attention. I feel she is a baby that hasn’t had that in her past life and she just soaks it in. I will miss this one when she goes to her new life because she has livened up this old house.

10/2/16 Update:  Tilly is a clown. Tilly loves people and adores kids! She is 100% housetrained, but not always a fan of other things with fur.

10/9/16 Update:  Tilly continues to thrive. She is an absolute joy, but Tilly does not like other dogs. That being said Tilly spends time separated from our dogs. She has her own room so the chance of breaking up a fight is zero. Tilly’s perfect home will be home that is active, loves to walk, and will make her a part of their family. Tilly LOVES people and especially kids.

10/16/16 Update:  Never an easier foster! Tilly loves people of all sizes and attention of any kind, but she’s not a fan of other furry friends. Tilly’s perfect family will be active and will want a constant companion. She is crate trained, house trained and perfection!

12/12/16 Update:  Tilly will be having some Christmas pictures taken this coming week and she will look smoking hot! Tilly has not given up hope to be home for Christmas and every day I tell her that this might be the day that some wonderful family wants to adopt her. Tilly is zero problems because she has her own room where she has all her needs met. Tilly is putting on some winter weight and is looking more like a big, black pig, but come spring, she will be back to chasing squirrels and will trim back down. Tilly would do best in a home where she can be the only dog. She needs an active family that will love and adore her.

1/22/17 Update:  If you came yesterday you were able to see in person this beautiful bulldog called Tilly!  I personally believe that Tilly was the star at Mutt’s. Her behavior was perfect, she looked amazing and had a lot of people asking great questions about adding her to their family! If not at your home, Tilly will always have a home with me till her forever home comes along.

3/3/17 Update:  Sweet, sweet Tilly… where is your family? Tilly patiently waits for her family. She is perfect ~ I want someone to realize that. She loves to walk, is very good on a leash, and very smart!

Tilly Movie

4/16/17 Update:  Tilly is amazing! Easiest Bulldog ever to love. I so want Tilly to find a amazing family soon that will love her just as much as I do. Tilly loves people, kids and taking walks. Tilly loves to eat, take naps and just hang out. Tilly will be the best addition to a fur-free family ever!