Ziggy has been adopted by a wonderful family and will lack for nothing. We can’t wait to see more updates on him as he grows.

Ziggy is one of the five puppies that joined rescue yesterday. He is a sweet cuddle bug. He loves to play with his 12-week-old foster brother. He had a bath today and did OK, but wasn’t a big fan. He really enjoyed the drying off part much better. And this morning, he had a much better appetite than yesterday.

5/9/21 Update:  Ziggy had a great week and has really settled into his foster home. During the first few days, he wouldn’t potty on the grass, only the patio or floor. He has since learned we potty on the grass. He really is the sweetest puppy. We have been struggling with some tummy issues, but hopefully, he will get the meds he needs tomorrow. Until then, he’s on a special diet. He is not a bitter, he would rather give kisses. He’s a great listener. He even waits nicely for his food. When told no, he immediately stops what he’s doing. And he’s decided his favorite toy is an empty water bottle. Foster Dad is becoming quite smitten with this baby!

5/16/21 Update:  He had a meet-and-greet yesterday and they all fell in love with him. But then again, how could anyone not love this sweet face?

We are still working through some tummy issues and will be going back to see Dr. Larsen on May 27 for our second set of shots. Once we get this tummy under control, he will be moving to the Colony with his new family. He will have a fur brother (a Golden Retriever) and two skin siblings. Both parents work from home, so he will get lots of love and attention!
5/24/21 Update:  Ziggy got to meet some of the other animals today. He really liked the cow. He wasn’t too sure about the goats.
5/27/21 Update:  Ziggy went to go see Dr. Larsen today and give her lots of kisses. Though we are still struggling with tummy issues, we have managed to gain 5 lbs. We will be starting a new antibiotic tomorrow. Paws crossed this helps.