Betty Lou

Betty Lou

Sweet Betty Lou has found her furever home! She will relish in her lap of luxury with her fur brother and fellow bulldog Tatum and two sweet cat brothers. BL was immediately taken with her mom and all of the delicious treats. She just can’t wait to enjoy some water fights and puppy dog pools with her fur brother.

I am a 6-year-old, 47 lb bundle of Southern love, charm and cuteness.
My family was going through some tough times and I was home all day by myself. And when I was outside, I liked to go over into the pasture and chase the Longhorn cattle. Those things are big, but I still would chase them around! Everyone thought I might get hurt.
Mom, Dad and I talked about it and decided it would be best for me to move to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. I know they’ll find me a forever home where I can have fur siblings and get all the love and attention I want. Plus, I won’t need to be alone all the time.
This nice man came and picked me up and away we went on a new adventure. I’ve got to admit, I was a little scared and shy at first, but I’m sure I’m going to enjoy myself.
I went to a place where there were more Bulldogs and I met this really nice lady, Dr. Larsen, and her staff. I climbed in the doc’s lap and she told me I was a beautiful girl. I hear they’ll make sure I will be in tip-top shape when my forever family adopts me.
I hope there will be a lot of people wanting me to be theirs. You better get busy and fit out an application and maybe you’ll be my perfect match.

1/18/21 Update: I’m checking in from my favorite self-care spot, a wonderfully comfy pup bed. I am settling in with my foster family. There are so many wonderful smells here, but I’ve decided to let most of them come to me. However, I will get up for a nice jaunt in the yard with my fur pals and a gourmet meal of freshly poured pup food.

These humans clearly did not remember to set the wake-up call in the morning, so I reminded them that I had a scheduled walk-and-play session in the yard.

We’ve done so many fun things so far, and I just can’t tell you how much I LOVE going on walks to sniff the world around me. The neighbors have some alpacas and I just love to sniff their fence and wiggle.

Until next time friends…. I’ll update you on my wonderful spa day.

1/25/21 Update:  I’ve had such a fabulous week luxuriating with my foster fam. We went on about a block walk before I decided to luxuriate in the sun while my two furry foster brothers continued on. The medium, but still quite tiny, foster human took a short sun bath with me as well.
Later on in the week, I discovered my voice so that my foster humans would know when it was time for my next sun bath and potty break. I often return inside with a thanks of “walrus kisses,” or at least that’s what my foster mom calls them.
The foster humans found out this week that I respond better to my short, but sweet nickname of Lou, or Lulu. They have yet to lay out a grazing table for me, but they’ve gotten out my favorite chews and I while away the rest of my day napping, chewing and “walrus kissing” my foster humans.
I can’t wait to eventually share my “walrus kisses” with my forever family.
2/2/21 Update:  Well, I just had the best week! My foster mom and brothers gave me a spa day, complete with back massage and facial. They told me I couldn’t stay in the bath forever, but you better believe I tried.
We also went to this amazing place called a lake where my foster brothers went “fishing”…. I’m not too sure about those slimey things in the water though. I tried barking at the lake monsters, but they just coming up to see us. I think 🐠 stink. I did enjoy the cool weather though, and may have protested coming inside a time or two so that I could enjoy the beautiful weather.
My foster brothers love to scoot around the neighborhood when they get home, and I always insist on supervising. I just can’t get enough fresh air.
I sure hope I can get some fresh air with my furever family.