Foster Dad and I couldn’t think of a better day to make the sweetest Bulldog that ever lived a permanent part of our family than Christmas. Brindleigh is home.
Foster Mom first saw this little girl at the clinic sitting quietly in her kennel. She had the look of, “Are you coming for me?” It wasn’t that day, but a couple of weeks later, when we were ready for our next foster dog. Foster Dad couldn’t wait to go get her. Boy, we are so glad he did. We love to foster the seniors.
She came to our home not knowing a thing about living inside a house. With any sudden moves or noises, she was flat on her tummy. Brindleigh would not go outside unless you went with her. We suppose it was because she didn’t think she’d get to go back inside.
Watching her over the next few months blossom and grow more confident each day was so wonderful. And even more so to be a part of it, too.
Our home has been a house of sadness for the last couple of months, but Brindleigh has been a warm and happy light. Every morning, she wakes up with her happy wiggle and silly truffle-sniffing sounds. Let’s not forget the best happy dance ever performed. You just can’t help but smile. Her snuggles and kisses in the evening melt away all the day’s worries.
Brindleigh is 9 years old and arthritic. No, we won’t get to have her for years and years, but love is love and it just can’t be denied. We will take whatever we can get.

My name is Brindleigh and I am 9 years old. Today I heard my friends Honey Dew and Sugar Puddin’ were going to rescue, and I was not about to let them leave without me. So I packed my stuff and here I am.

I met Dr. Larsen today and got bunches of hugs and kisses from everyone. They were all so nice. I am a beautiful brindle and white gal, and I am still very active for my age. I have had a few babies in my day, but doc will make sure those days are over. Other than the normal stuff I think I am in pretty good shape.

So do you think you want a mature gal like me to come lay around your house and hang out? I would make a wonderful friend!

8/25/20 Update:  Brindleigh landed in her foster home last week and she is doing great!  What a sweetheart this senior girl is.  She wiggles with delight when you look at her and even though she is still somewhat shy and a little timid, she will follow you all around the house.  She definitely has a curiosity in her to figure out what you are doing.

Brindleigh was a mill momma way too long into her senior years and she has missed out on a lot.  Like soft blankets and a couch to relax on.  In fact, its kinda hard to get her off said couch!  She did a lot of living on concrete, she deserves all the fluff and softness she can handle!

We are still working on house training and some indoor manners, but we know she will conquer these in no time. She is getting along great with her foster siblings and we think she must have been a good momma, cause she loves grooming her foster brother…even though he thinks its weird!  LOL   Stay tuned for more on this senior saint!