I can’t believe the day has finally come! I met my new mommy last weekend and I knew it was meant to be. I can’t wait to go on adventures with her and check out my new house! And it gets even better: I have a grandma too! I know there will be lots of treats and snuggles in my future.

Please welcome Brisket back to our rescue family! Brisket (formerly Hudson David) was originally adopted from us in 2012, but things happened in his family beyond his control. They felt they no longer had the time to devote to such a wonderful guy.

Brisket is still a very active and loving boy and has so much to offer any family. His former foster mom remembers him as a delightful dog to foster years ago. He is at the vet clinic for a checkup and will soon be ready to start searching for his new forever home.

2/27/20 Update:  Before they brought Brisket to me, they told me he was 9 years old. I expected a slow-moving guy. That’s not what I got. In he came with all the energy of a 3-year-old. He bounced around, made the rounds to see the other Bulldogs, sniffed the entire room, and said “HI” to everyone. He is sweet, happy and fun, all rolled up into one fellow.

When we started the shoot, he was more interested in us, than being still. Neutral is not his gear with people around. I was so impressed that a 9-year-old had so much energy and personality. In 99.9% of his pictures, his tongue was out. It doesn’t naturally lay out. That tongue was from all the playing around he did before we could get him to settle.

Finally, we broke out the treats and THAT DID IT! Brisket and I have something in common: we are both food motivated! I loved watching him have fun and enjoy himself. After the shoot, I gave him a kiss and told him I wished I had a little of his energy. We’re both older, but I sure can’t move like he can!

Brisket was adopted from us in 2012, but because of life changes, the family needed him to find a new family. We love having him back! He came in with a few small issues: ears, eyes and a little underweight, but everything has been taken care of and he is great now!

The vet techs told me when he came back to rescue, he was quiet and reserved. Now that he’s been back with us, he’s found his old self. I am always amazed at what love and attention will do for a dog.

Yes, Brisket is a senior, but it will be a while before this guy slows down.This time, his family has to be his forever family. He has lost two families in his life and he can’t lose another one. He never deserved to lose any.

3/17/20 Update:  I am trying to buff myself up by eating three meals a day and so far, the progress has been slow. I joined rescue looking and feeling a little hungry. I know it’s taking me some time to fill back out, but I am working on it. I am happy to report that after meeting some resident Bulldogs, I showed no emotion to them. Male or female, I really didn’t care. I really feel like you can find me a family now with other dogs and things will be good. I am 9 years old, but I have a lot of energy and I love to take walks. Please help me find a walking family that will love me forever!

5/22/20 Update:  I have some news. I changed my status! That’s right, status change for me. You know how people are always “changing their status.” Single now married. Poor now rich. Large now small. And so on. My new status is “Needs to be the only thing with fur in the family.”

Things were going so well for me. Until the other day. For some reason, I decided to start a fight with the resident Bulldog that lives here. No reason… just thought she might want to rumble. She didn’t. And I got in trouble. I got my status changed and now I can’t play in the group of players. All my fault. But I’m still a great Bulldog!

I am 9 years old and 100% potty trained. I am active and love to go on walks. My foster mom considers me a “Velcro Bulldog” because I make every step she makes and sit on her feet to be close to her. Please help me find a furever family just for me!

6/8/20 Update: Waking up a Bulldog is no easy task 😆 Brisket says, ‘Wake me up when it’s Friday, Foster Momma.’ If you want an expert in cuddling, Brisket is your boy! BONUS POINTS: he doesn’t snore. He has the purest soul and the spirit of a puppy. He’s already my little shadow and I’m so glad I get to hang with him all day!
6/9/20 Update:  Quarantine has its perks, like making new friends! Brisket met one of our young entrepreneurial neighbors who started a dog treat business. He loooved the banana-peanut butter dog treats that were delivered right to our door!

6/11/20 Update:  Hi, everyone. It’s me, Brisket the Bulldog! Foster Mom took me to the coolest place called Pet Supplies Plus for a new bowl and some treats and I behaved the bestest.

I love car rides with the windows down and walking up and down the store aisles, smelling all the smells. There were so many options!

Do you want a shopping buddy like me? Can I be your only fur child? If so, I might be the one for you.

Brisket Shopping
6/17/20 Update:  Brisket is ready for the Fourth of July! ❤️💙 Who wants to celebrate with him? He’ll dress in his new favorite bandana for the occasion! He’s the perfect party guest ~ patient, fun with kids and will lick your plate to help with dishes!
6/24/20 Update: One of my favorite things about Brisket is his little, “Do you wanna go on a walk” dance. He literally does a little jig when he hears the word “waaaalk!” Recently, a lady who passed us on one of our daily walks said she’s NEVER seen a Bulldog walk so fast before😆 and I agree!
7/3/20 Update:  Here I am enjoying a nice view of the Saharan dust storm sunset! I enjoy the simpler things in life, like long walks, naps and my favorite treats. I’m an easy-go-lucky kind of guy and make for the best hang out buddy. Do you like my new bow tie my foster mom got me? I’m all ready for the 4th of July weekend!

7/14/20 Update:  Like you, I’m trying to keep cool any way I can!

Yesterday, we had a pool day and as you can see, I got a bath… I didn’t mind so much because the water felt nice.
I always ask Foster Mommy for walks, but she only lets me go two times a day. She says the ground is too hot for my paws. She gave me a paw treatment and they felt soothed and nice!
Do you need a floating buddy? I may be the perfect pal for you!
8/2/20 Update:   I’m exhausted from all the fun I’ve had lately. If you can’t tell from my video, I’m the easiest-go-lucky guy around and I like the simple things in life, like car rides, walks with foster mom, treats and playing with toys! You can tell that I’m full of life, but when I’m not being the playful pup that I am, you can find me snoring. If you’re looking for a pal that will be by your side no matter what, I’m your guy!
8/18/20 Update:  Hi everyone! Your best pal Brisket in the building, popping by to say hello! Here I am teaching Foster Momma how to do a downward facing dog. 😉 If you need a workout buddy, I’m your guy!