Bruno Bob

Bruno Bob

Bruno Bob here and I have THE most exciting and best news!  I have been adopted!  That’s right, you heard it…I have found my forever home.  And guess what?  I don’t even have to pack any of my stuff up cause I’m staying right here-my foster home has turned into my FOREVER home!  Of course, I thought I WAS my home…but Mom said its now O-fficial.

I knew I dug this place the first moment I stepped paw into it.  There was a girl bulldog and 2 other boy dogs and I felt like they were family from the get-go.  I  heard there was a third boy, Phil, but he passed before I got here.  Evidently he was “vocal” like myself and I heard my new dad say something about Phil “sending” me to them from the bridge as a joke…whatever that means.  All I know is I’m here and I love my new family and I know they love me.  I get lots of snuggles on the couch and kisses from mom allllll the time.

Thank you to all that have cared for me since I arrived in Rescue, especially Doc Larsen and her staff.  They were real nice to me and I’ll never forget them!

My name is Bruno Bob. My story is not about my past, but my future. I came from a family who loved me, but they were in above their head and knew I needed more.

So let me tell you a little about me and my future in rescue and my forever home. I am seven years old and weigh a full-figured 76 pounds. Both my ears are infected and I had an ear hematoma in the past which was not fixed. So I have a really fat ear on the left side. My tail pocket is a little infected and I need a good dental. But the biggest problem is my left hind leg. It is twice the size of the other leg! Dr. Larsen thinks it is a 9 cm by 6 cm fatty tumor that needs to be removed. They will do some x-rays and other tests first, but I hope to have this tumor removed next week. I should be fine in a few weeks.

I am sweet, funny and love to be around people. I do pretty well around most dogs. At my age I don’t need a lot of steps to climb, but I still have lots of energy. I’m hanging out at the clinic to be pampered and get everything fixed up. I will then be ready for a bright new future. Could that include you? 

6/17/20 Update:  Bruno Bob is just the sweetest boy, but has more than his share of problems. We found why one of his legs is much larger and why he walks with a bit of a limp.

Sometime, probably years ago, he shattered his femur and it was never fixed. Over time, 4-6 pieces of bone just grew back like they were. The break resembles more of a lopsided ball, rather than a straight bone. The piece coming down from his hip socket is pointing outward and has a sharp point on it.

A gristle has built up around the break, which protects the muscle and helps to stabilize the break. It’s just one of those things the body does to try to heal itself. All that extra gristle is what made his leg larger and made us first think it might be a tumor. We have sent his X-rays to our orthopedic specialist for a consult.

In the meantime, he is just hanging out by (or in) the pool relaxing!

6/24/20 Update:  Bruno has been with us for a few days and we are learning so much about this sweet Bulldog.

First thing you should know: he loves, loves his toys! Benebones, squeaky toys, balls… anything he can get his paws and jaws on. We discovered an orange Chuckit ball through a friend and it has become his favorite. We know that by chasing these toys around the house, Bruno will shed his extra pounds in no time.

He is getting along very well with his foster siblings and he is just full of love for his humans. Stay tuned to watch this amazing boy blossom!

7/29/20 Update:  What can we say about this precious boy? Well, to start, he is awesome!

He is the most polite houseguest we have ever had. He gets along wonderfully with his foster sister and brothers and he adores his foster mom and dad, too.
At 7 years old, he has the perfect temperament and activity level. And Bruno doesn’t just lay around. He loves to play with his toys and run around like a younger whipper snapper! Then, he has his calm moments of naps and snuggles. Awwww…. The perfect Bulldog. He’s not going to chew on your furniture or shoes, either.
House training is going very well and he likes you to go outside with him. You know, in case he gets lonely. LOL
Our mission has been to get some much needed weight off of him to give his joints a break. And guess what? We are seeing a waist emerge! Bruno also has succumbed to eating the carrots foster mom puts in his bowl. It’s good for him!
Bruno could fit into many different types of families. He just needs to be given a chance.
8/25/20 Update:  Bruno has been doing fantastic in his foster home.  He is 100% house trained, walks well on a leash and gets along great with all of his foster siblings.  He loves snuggles, snacks and chasing off squirrels in HIS backyard!  Bruno tends to be a little “vocal” when something is not pleasing him-he will let you know.  Bruno arrived in his foster home needing to lose a few lb’s and he is doing fantastic in that department.  We can even see a waist on him now.  He definitely has a stubborn streak-he is a bulldog, after all!  If he doesn’t want to get inside the house, well, a treat or two will entice him into agreement!  Couch time is a must for Bruno…for snuggles and scratches with his humans and yes, to watch a little TV.