Today was the best day ever for one tiny Bulldog lady and one wonderful family. Today was Caboose’s adoption day.
Everyone has followed Caboose on her weight-loss journey, her exercise program and her months of rehab. We have watched her learn to stand up on her back legs. We have watched her learn how to walk again and now we’re watching her run. Caboose has had her own cheerleaders, unsung heroes, family and friends rooting for her all along the way.
And today was the day. Today, Caboose checked out of rescue and into the life of having a forever family.
Caboose can run like the wind, snuggle like a super-star and weasel her way into the hearts of anyone who stops to say hello. Caboose is what rescue is all about.
For her foster family team, it was hours of commitment and it was weeks of work. Now, for the foster turned furever family, it’s a lifetime of unconditional love from a pint-sized Bulldog named Caboose.
At only 8 months old, I think I might be one of the cutest Bulldog babies.
Before you comment that I might be plump, remember that today is, “Only Say Nice Things Day!” So, commenting about my size is not necessary. I admit that I may have gotten a little round around the middle, but I’m not out of shape. Round is also a shape.
I had a family who loved me a lot, but they realized that I needed additional medical care. They knew that Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue was the place that could help me.
I have some problems with my back legs. It was actually something I was born with and, as I started to grow, my problems have worsened.
On Monday, I am going to go sit in Dr. Larsen’s lap and tell her all about my problem. I already know she is just going to love me.
I can walk. In fact, I can actually run. But, I am going to go see Dr. Lay, for sure. He is an orthopedic surgeon and he’ll see what he can do to help me have a wonderful life. I’m told I’ll need to get some X-ays and some diet dog food. Hmm…. that doesn’t sound too tasty, but I’m sure I’ll make it through.

9/21/20 Update:  We all know people love Bulldogs because of their squishy face. Caboose has a squishy body!  She only weighs 41 pounds but is probably 10 pounds overweight for her size. She has great difficulty walking. We thought it was her hips, but X-rays show her hips look perfect. Both kneecaps are badly dislocated and have been that way a long time. She has to be in considerable pain. Dr. Lay will need to examine her to see if surgery will fix the problem. It will be more difficult because she has been that way so long.

Also, being this way so long has put additional pressure on her hips and her front legs. Nothing works the way it should. Once the knees are fixed she will need lots of therapy to help her learn how to walk properly.

But this caboose is filled with sugar! We will do whatever it takes to make her whole.

10/3/20 Update:  After her spay and cherry eye repair last week, Caboose came into Castle Bulldog Friday. She made herself right at home. She is sweet on her foster dad. She likes to sleep with her head on his shoulder. We are working on house breaking and manners. Caboose is catching on to her new routine pretty quick with the help of her foster brother and sister. I almost forgot…. She LOVES her princess tent!

10/8/20 Update:  She is a wild child! She plays with Otis nonstop and is walking more and more. Today, she used the ramp with very little help from me! We’re working on manners and house breaking. She’s moving like a maniac. I think she’s already lost some weight. She LOVES the boys. She snuggles up to Mike and rests her head on his shoulder. She bunny hop runs the length of the living room to chase after my roommate when he leaves for work.

10/12/20 Update:  It has been a very productive week for Caboose. She has fallen in love with Otis Shoeshine. They play and chase each other around all day. I always find her sitting rump to rump with Otis and pumpkin.

She’s learned that *toys* are for chewing, not human limbs or furniture. We are still working on potty training. I think she gets distracted laying in the grass, soaking in the early morning sunshine.
Caboose loves snuggling under blankets and gives out kisses like parking tickets.
I am so excited to tell everyone that Caboose has lost weight! Yesterday, she weighed in at 39 lbs. She also is walking and “running” much more. I’m so proud of her!

10/20/20 Update: The progress train is steaming full speed ahead here at Castle Bulldog!

According to Caboose: This week has been fur-tastic! I discovered the zoomies, and it’s so fun to run as fast as I can from one side of the house to the other. I may still run a little funny, but I’m feeling lighter on my feet every day!
My foster brother Otis is my best friend. We roughhouse and play for hours each day. Sometimes. he acts like he doesn’t like it, but I’m pretty sure he’s sweet on me. How could he not be with a face like this?
I’m also discovering all the wonders of being outside! I went on a walk with my foster mom and dad the other day and it was great! OK, I may have ridden in my wagon for most of the trip, but my foster mom says
I’m getting better on a leash all the time! I also LOVE spending time outside with Otis and my foster sister Pumpkin. We get to bark at the dogs in the other yards, chase balls and chew on all the sticks we can find! My foster mom also says I’m getting much better at “taking care of business” outside … whatever that means.
As you can probably guess, all of this playing has been a great workout. Foster Mom took me to see Dr. Larsen this week and I’m already down three pounds! Personally, I think I’m beautiful at any size, but I am quite enjoying my new bikini body. Now, if only the pools weren’t closed.
Well, that’s it for this week! It’s time for me to take my 15th nap of the day. Even when you’re born this gorgeous, it’s still important to get your beauty sleep!

11/2/20 Update:  My workout plan is in full swing here at Castle Bulldog! Each day I do 100 reps of zoomies, at least 20 minutes of intense jaw work with my chew bone, followed by plenty of water and naps!

All of this, combined with the work of my nutritionist, Foster Mom, and personal canine strength coach, Otis, has got me down to a svelte 35 lbs.
I feel so light I could dance! Just a few more pounds to go and Dr Larsen will be fixing my knees. After that, who knows? Maybe I’ll look toward training for the 2021 PupOlympics!
I have been enjoying the cool autumn weather. I think after-dinner naps in the grass are fantastic. Almost as good as snuggling with my foster brother, watching scary movies.
I make new friends everywhere I go. My exuberance for life is contagious. Foster Mom calls me the “Little Cannoli.” She says it’s because I’m full of irresistible sweetness and wrapped in the cutest little package.
11/20/20 Update: Thank goodness it’s Friday! I’ve been running my bum off all week.
Yesterday, I went to work with my foster mom so we could take a video of me walking for the orthopedic surgeon. I also had my weekly weigh-in and my foster mom said I won first prize. I’m a svelte 33.4 lbs! I wish first prize would’ve been a bacon bikini, but the frozen pumpkin and salmon filled Kong was pretty delicious.
Well, I’m going back to my warm bed while my foster mom gets ready for work. What a sucker… she doesn’t know what she’s missing.
11/30/20 Update:  I’m getting really good at stealing Foster Mom’s phone these days. I wanted to say hi to my foster friends and wish everyone well.
Now that I have my swimsuit figure, I’m keeping Foster Mom on her toes. I have so much energy now. I chase my foster brother around all day. We wrestle and play with toys until my foster brother gets tired and hides on the sofa where I can’t reach him. That’s when I play chase the human. I like to run as fast as I can while weaving around the humans’ legs. It’s fun to do because I know Foster Mom would rather fall than risk stepping on me. She picked up on the game very quickly, so I only managed to trip her up once. It was awesome! She said a few curse words and something stupid like, “Why are hardwood floors so hard?!” Then I attacked her face with licks and tried to eat her hair.
She stares at me a lot and tells me how special I am. I don’t know why. I just live in the moment. I think every moment is joy with a little mischief and puppy mayhem sprinkled on top.
She says we have lots of hard work ahead of us once I start the process of getting my knees fixed. She said the surgery will be hard work for Dr. Lay, so we have to work hard at my recovery. I’m going to do my best. I know how lucky I am to have so many people invest their time and money so that I can have the best life possible. I can’t wait to be able to climb stairs and sit like a proper dog.
Right now, Dr. Larsen is helping me with my ongoing skin issues. Foster mom calls it, “Curse of the Blue Beauty.” I’m getting medicated baths, medicine and special laundry soap for my bedding. Hopefully, it all helps. If not, we keep trying.

1/2/21 Update:  It’s been a while since I’ve written. Foster Mom has been busy with work and chasing me around. This subsequently keeps her phone out of my reach.

I’m so strong and fit now. I have no idea that my rear limbs are screwed on sideways. I’ve learned to step up and down from the elevated bed.

I’m relishing life as a puppy lately. Foster Mom calls me her furry toddler. I talk a lot. I’m opinionated, as well.

I hear Foster Mom’s slippers scuffing in the hallway so I better put her phone back.

1/6/21 Update: I went to work with Foster Mom yesterday. She had a light schedule, so I was able to see my human friends again and meet some of the dogs Foster Mom works with. Obviously, I had to make an entrance with my wiggle walk and free kisses. I love everyone and assumes everyone loves me. Really how could you not? I’m petite, silly, adorable and I know it.

1/15/21 Update: I thought I’d check in to see how everyone is doing. I can’t complain. I’ve been playing hard and breaking hearts.
I’m about 31-32 lbs now. Folks, I look fierce! I’m the cutest itty bitty petite pocket Bulldog you’ll ever meet. I know this because Foster Mom says so.
Foster Mom has been working on my skin issues. My weekly baths and supplements have been helping for the most part. I periodically get flare-ups. Last week, Foster Mom added a dermal support supplement she picked up from her integrative medicine vet. My coat is starting to look soft and glossy. Foster Mom said I get to skip this week’s bath so we can see if the supplement is helping.
As for my mobility, I’m firing on all four pistons. It may not look graceful, but I have learned to use the wide slanted pet stairs and can get on the bed without help. I can’t do large steps, like the front porch stairs. I wish I could. It’s not my fault I was born with my hind legs screwed on sideways. I’ve also built confidence when it comes to walking on different terrains. I don’t hesitate like I used to.
You should know that I have discovered, with cool temperatures, the wonders of heated blankets and snuggling. They are fantastic. I like to sleep like a little spoon under the blankets with my head on the pillow next to my foster family. Sometimes, I suffocate Foster Mom, but she must be cool with it. I can faintly hear smothered laughter from under the pile of Bulldogs and blankets.
Time for lunch and a nap.
2/11/21 Update:  Things have been going swimmingly lately – not that I know how to swim, but I sure can run, jump and play!
My foster mom and dad are really amazed at my progress. Just a few short months ago, I had trouble even getting up off my behind, and now I’m going on walks, zooming around and practically jumping down stairs. Even my foster brother and sister have trouble keeping up with me!
Maybe I’m experiencing a second puppyhood? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that I’m as full of energy as any little 1-year-old you’ll ever meet, and these days not much slows me down!
However, when it does come time for a rest, you’ll never meet a better snuggler than me. My foster mom and dad let me stay in their bed a lot, and there’s nothing I love more than an arm wrapped around me while I get my snooze on. And let me tell you, I can saw logs with the best of them! After all, when you play as hard as me, plenty of rest is important! Until next time.