Chappy entered rescue the end of May, a shell of the dog he is today. His ears, eyes and tail were a hot mess from being out on the streets all alone.
Chappy’s lovable disposition never wavered through all his medical procedures that made him the mascot of Dr Larsen’s vet clinic for the two months that he was there. Then it was time to come to our home to continue his care and evaluation. As soon as he entered the house, the couch was claimed by the tiniest couch potato we have ever seen!
Last weekend, Chappy met his forever family and it was the best love match all around! His new fur brother, Gus, also an alumnus from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, decided he was the one for the family and even helped him with some ear cleaning.
Foster Ma and Pa couldn’t be happier for this amazing Bulldog. Chappy has definitely hit the jackpot and will have the best life ever. Happy tails, baby boy. We will miss you!


I am sure glad I got to join rescue because I need help! I once was found wandering the streets and was taken in by a nice family. But they soon learned I had more problems than they could handle, so they found a great rescue to take care of all my needs.

I am about 4 years old and very small. I only weigh 38 pounds! My eyes are gunked up and cloudy, so I don’t see very well. My ears are very nasty and swollen shut with infection, so I don’t hear very well either. Oh, and the other end? Yeah, I also have some infection in my tail pocket and it hurts if you touch it. And even though I’m facing all this, everyone still says I am the sweetest boy.

I got my hugs from Dr. Larsen and the nice ladies at the vet clinic. One let me sit by her chair today while she was making phone calls. She said I could be her assistant. I also met several Bulldogs and we all got along great.

Next up for me? Some surgery and treatments for all my ailments. I’m told I’ll feel so much better soon, and then I’ll be off to my foster home!

6/6/20 Update:   Chappy’s ear canals are about as hard as rocks. 😞 Not sure we can save them, but they will try. They did a culture and are using a specific antibiotic.

6/8/20 Update:  We all have our role in rescue. For Chappy, it is to hang out at the vet clinic and brighten everyone’s day. He is actually awaiting his neuter, while they treat his eyes and ears. But why not take advantage of the down time?

He spends his day hanging out at the front desk, greeting patients and trying to decide whether he should play with that darn cat. Kayla is his favorite human and he loves to sit in her lap. Kayla also happens to be pregnant. The other day, while Chappy was in her lap, the baby suddenly kicked and shocked about three years of life off Chappy.

Just another adventure in the life of rescue!

7/29/20 Update:  Chappy arrived in our home just a couple of days ago and he is beginning to settle into the mix. He is shy and a little timid, but he is opening up with us day by day.

He is such a good boy with his daily ear cleanings and face wipes. He takes it like a champ. Stay tuned for more updates on this special boy!