Chub had been waiting all afternoon for his new parents to arrive to pick him up after work.  When his chariot pulled up, he knew it was for him! (We don’t get many Tesla’s on the South side)

We signed his paperwork, snapped a few photos and Chub was immediately ready to call shotgun! He is on his way to live the life of luxury with his 2 fur sisters & fur brother, Rocco, a former LSBCR alumnus.

Of course, also with his new furever mom and dad, sister and grandparents!  He will be spoiled rotten!  He is getting along with everyone and has already claimed his spot on the comfy couch.

Good luck little buddy and please keep us up-to-date on your adventures!

The man who picked me up said it was a story he had heard many times. I belonged to a man for a long time. He decided to move and couldn’t take me. He gave me to a friend, but the friend quickly decided he knew nothing about raising a Bulldog so he called rescue.
Now with the back story out of the way, let me tell you about myself. I am 4 years old and I’m relatively small ~ I only weigh 48 pounds. One eye has a little gunk that builds up in it. I have a few bumps on my skin. I have cysts on my front feet. My canine teeth are worn down, almost to the gums. It looks like I may have spent a lot of time in a crate! Dr. Larsen could only find one testicle, so she said we would go hunting in a few days. Hunting sounds like fun!
Everybody tells me I am very cute and well-behaved. I get along well with other dogs. My plan now is to just hang out at the vet clinic and get everything fixed up. After the hunting trip, I can go to a foster family and get ready to be adopted into my perfect forever home. Do you think I could be a match for your family?

10/12/20 Update:  For those of you who are new, Foster Mom says it just means it’s more plain than the Ritz.

I’m back from my hunting trip and let me just say, “That was NOT in the brochure!” (or I must have missed the fine print). I didn’t care much for the hunting trip, so I have decided “hiking” is the sport for me! It’s fun and I like to hike everywhere I go. Foster Mom, however, is NOT a fan of “hiking!” She tells me she’s more of a football fan and maybe sports aren’t my thing?!
She’s also a huge fan of this place called the Amazon and now Foster Mom makes me wear this thing called a belly band while I’m in the house. Foster Dad likes to call it a “kilt!” He says it sounds more manly because belly band makes me sound like a baby and I’m not a baby. I’m a big boy!
I have lots of work to do while I’m here… like sit, come, walking on a leash, not hiking indoors, personal space….you know, the basics! Good thing is I’m cute and sweet as can be. I’ve already learned if I ring the bells on the backdoor, Foster Mom takes this silly “kilt” off and we go outside. So I have good looks AND smarts! I’ll check in soon to let you know my progress.

10/20/20 Update: Chub wore himself out helping in the yard on Saturday. It was such a beautiful, cool fall day, he got to be outside playing with his foster siblings for most of it! He carried sticks, played in the leaves and took several naps on the porch.

He continues to work on potty training, which is going pretty well. He has only had two accidents and NO hiking adventures this week! He is completely crate trained, but we are still trying to focus on sit and leash training. Both are works in progress. One thing he learned on his own this week? He’s tall enough to jump up on the couch for all the snuggles!
10/26/20 Update: I’ve had an eventful weekend! The foster parents had new grass put in the backyard for us four-legged friends and it seems like it is constantly raining out there now. I don’t mind though. I just trot out and do my business and come right back to the door to get my feet wiped. I love the towel drying part. Towels in general, really.
The best part happened on Saturday, when this nice family came to visit me and brought all three of their Bulldogs to meet me. One of them was Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumnus, Rocco! I got along with everybody and they loved me! Who can resist this face?
I had to tell my foster brother and sister the news, so we all piled in the bed to talk about it! Foster Mom says we look like we’re all on a life raft!
I’m ready for a nap, so I’m off to claim my favorite spot on the couch. I’m happy to say I now have an adoption pending!