An Adoption story (or should I say, Foster Fail) times 2 💕
Crash & Tootsie Taylor found their forever home the moment their little paws hit Casa de Westbrook. It took foster dad a little while to catch on 😉 but he really should have known something was up when Miss Tootsie was given a new name within the 1st week. Foster mom had big plans!
Crash-the-crazy required several nicknames to fit his multiple personalities. Part grass-chomping, moo-cow, part philosoraptor, with a bark that hits like a tuning fork to your very soul, his name fit his COMING THROUGH way of life. As we were working hard on all-things-manners, we noticed that Crash achieved BFF status with our two boys (both foster fails). There was no chance we could separate them, and Crash had already captured our hearts. But just when we thought we were ready to make it official, along came a sweet little Tootsie. It was 100% love at first sight, and foster mom started formulating the rescue ruse 😍
It was easy to help foster dad fall in love, she wrapped him around her pretty little paws in a weekend! Her new name was more fitting, our lucky Pennie. Though she might be sweet as candy, we quickly realized she was definitely part Gremlin! Nope, this isn’t an adoption story filled with rainbows & sunshine…things went upside down and sideways after the sudden loss of one of our boys, Tank🌈 Not only were we devastated, but Pennie, did not take the loss well. Her & Colossus became mortal enemies overnight, and threatened to tear the house & each other apart!
Good thing foster mom/dad aren’t the type to quit and give up when the going gets tough. Scheduling training sessions, learning management techniques for the times in between, and trying to keep from being eaten alive ourselves after discovering she becomes Cujo when overstimulated, took time. In truth, Happily Ever After doesn’t exist as a final destination just because pictures go up and the adoption contact is signed. It’s a lifelong journey. Sometimes a tough one with bumps and bruises along the way. But when you make a commitment, it means staying the course when surprises appear, and seeking out help as soon as its needed, not waiting till things get out of control. Pennie and Crash are two peas-in-a-pod, the silliest of pairs, our very own Beauty & the Beast. Only, personality wise, Pennie is the Beast in that equation. It took several months to get where we are now, and it will take consistent patience and effort to help everyone be successful long term. But every crazy, chaotic day is filled with unconditional love. I guess its fitting that we end up adopting the would-be misfits, they fit in nicely with our perfectly CRAZY family

My name is Crash, and to know me is to know why that is my name. It really fits me.

I may be six, but you would never know it. I can run and jump, and even knock you down if you get in my way. They tell me here I need to calm down. But I love life and I love everyone. I have too much excitement to contain myself! But they said if I want to find a forever family I need to take it down a notch. I need to work on my self discipline.

So far I only know one speed—full!  But I promise to learn how to slow down a little, and take it easier. I will work on following the new rules. After all, I never want to end up in a shelter again. Somebody said I may have a little Olde English Bulldog in me—whatever that is. I have been neutered and I am in very good health. I do need to put a little more meat on my bones. So I am only at the clinic for a short while and then off the a foster home. I can’t wait to crash through something and show them how strong and fast I am. Oh, there I go again! Got to learn the news rules.

I’ll work on the rules while you work on that application! See you soon.

1/15/20 Update:  Well, he’s 100% BOY! He’s about 6 years old, but you’d never know it. He’s a big, energetic, happy boy and seems to have never had a bad day. He makes me smile every time I see him. It doesn’t matter if it’s been a week or 5 minutes since he’s seen you, he comes a runnin’ and wants to be petted. He will follow you to the ends of the earth.

Crash is healthy as a horse. He’s just a big package of fun. I just can’t say enough about this guy. This month, I’ll be 61 and sometimes, I’m moving a little slow on picture day. When I see him, he gets my blood pumping. He makes me smile and laugh, and he gives me energy. He’s just that kind of dog. You can’t be down when Crash is around!

The thing about Crash: he needs room to run. He would be wonderful for a person who runs daily. He would run right beside you. Someone who has a farm, acreage or a large yard. Having some Olde English Bulldog in him, those longer legs enjoy running and playing. He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He is good with other dogs, too!

Don’t let me mislead you… he can settle down, too. We normally let him run awhile before we take his picture. On this photo day it was raining, so no run time. We didn’t know what to expect from him. But he came in, said hello to everyone, sat down on the set and acted like a gentleman. He has two sides to him: the fun side and the sweet side. What a deal!

If you need some spark in your life, then Crash may be the Bulldog for you. If you’re looking for loyalty and love, there’s not a better one than CRASH. I guarantee it!

3/8/20 Update:   Today is the day for PLAY!!! There aren’t too many perfect weather days for bulldogs, so when one comes along it’s important to take advantage 👌🏻☀️ Foster boy Crash (white), is happy to wrestle for hours with his brothers (both LSBCR Alumni). They are all big boys 70-80lbs, so when they’re ready to rumble 🌪 it’s WWE Bulldog Throwndown in the yard!
Honestly Crash has been the perfect house guest: never marked, not a single potty accident, will stay off furniture when asked but is glad to be the perfect snuggle buddy when invited up, and has adopted my boys as his pack. However we continue work on basic manners like: no pulling when walking, barking at foster mom when she doesn’t move fast enough with meals, and not peeking at goodies on the counter. His biggest area of work ahead is severe anxiety with new dogs. A perfect gentleman from day 1 with our boys, but sounds like a caged velociraptor when any other dog is in sight 😳 Slow introductions are key, even when dogs seem to get along. We took the needed steps with Crash to bring him into our home, and I fully believe he can be successful elsewhere as long as that critical effort is put in. Until then we practice daily 🙂 “new friends are nice not scary!”