Garland has been adopted! It was love at first sight for Garland and her furever family. She will be spoiled by her parents and siblings, and have so much fun with her fur siblings!

I’m one of Santa’s Six, fomerly the Festive Five. I’m the shyest one of the six, so getting me to dress up for pictures was really a challenge for the volunteers. I ran back inside every time someone let me go. I think I heard one lady say, “She’s the fastest Bulldog I’ve ever seen!” Because I’ve been in a cage all my life, I just didn’t understand what was going on with the costume thing. When I put on my leash, everything got better for all of us. I’ve just have to get used to this new thing call FREEDOM! I really think I’m going to like it once I get the hang of it.

1/10/20 Update:  Garland has been in her foster home for about two weeks, and she is still very nervous and scared of just about everything. This poor girl crawls everywhere because she is scared something will happen to her; however, slowly but surely, she is IMPROVING.

After living her life in a puppy mill, Garland is still having trouble understanding that not only is it OK to be outside of her crate, it’s OK to wander around the house, run around in the yard, and even take a nap on a soft pillow.

It will take a lot of work, and a lot of patience, but Garland will soon understand that mill life is behind her, and she no longer has to be afraid.

Stay tuned for more updates on this amazing Bulldog.

1/20/20 Update:   Over the last week, Garland has started to show some of her fun personality. She gets excited and dances when she hears the treat bag, and when it’s time to eat. Stay tuned for more updates!

1/27/20 Update:  Garland is showing us she can dance for treats. She also is showing us she has never missed leg day at the gym.

3/30/20 Update:  Garland is a completely different dog than when she arrived in rescue. She has become much more affectionate, has started playing with toys (and some things that are not toys), and is slowly figuring out what being a Bulldog is all about. Garland still does carry around some “baggage” from living her life in a puppy mill. Every day, we can see how hard she tries to do nothing, but please us, and also how afraid she gets when she thinks she has done something wrong. Garland is not house trained; she is still trying to figure out what this is about.

When we first started fostering Garland, she was terrified of taking a bath; but now, baths are completely normal for her. Actually, she secretly likes bath time, but acts like she doesn’t. When her bath is over, she tries to cut in line in front of our other dogs for the next bath to be given. We are recommending a family without small children for Garland. When she plays, she tries to grab with her mouth (no aggression, only playing). Also, Garland gets easily startled, and at times, can run over anything in her way if she is scared.

Garland is an amazing dog! Please apply today to be possibly be matched to her ~ or one of our 70+ other dogs.

5/4/20 Update:  Garland has really blossomed these past few weeks. She recently discovered her love for snuggling up with her people on the couch.  Garland is an incredibly sweet and submissive girl that gets along with all dogs. She is still working on house training and basic manners.  Garland’s perfect furever home will be one with a patient family, a quiet environment, and at least one other dog  to help her learn the rules of the house.

6/11/20 Update:  I’m happy to report that Garland’s tumor was non-cancerous, and Garland is feeling great! Many thanks for the prayers and well wishes. And lots of love and praise to Dr. Larsen and her team. They’re the best!