Ahoy! Pirate Hagrid here to let you know I’ve jumped ship for the last time. I left my foster home and I’m heading south to Houston. I like the coast better anyway!
I now have a mom and dad, two skin sisters and a fur sister, Hazel, who is just a couple of months older than me. She is a dainty little lass. I am sure we will have lots of fun together!
Farewell to rescue and my foster family. Thank you for all you did for this castaway. On to bigger and better things!


Hagrid is the name, and soon playing a pirate will be my favorite game! I am a boy about 20 months old and already weigh 75 pounds. I am thick and bounce around like the puppy I am. I love being around kids and I even will hang out with cats.

I have always been loved by my mom. She has had some struggles, but recently started a new job and sometimes works very long hours and is even gone overnight some. She knew that was not good for an active boy like me. But she was also worried about my eye getting worse. The vet said it was probably time to have it removed, but she could not afford it. So she did the next best thing—she contacted rescue.

My eye was injured when I was born and has been getting worse ever since. But it has recently changed. Dr. Larsen looked at it today and said I would make the perfect pirate. Otherwise I am in good shape. I take some medicine for allergies and my skin is dry. But they will fix all that here at the bulldog clinic.

So give me a few days and I will be ready to blow this place, get in to my new home and figure out what games pirates play. Do you think I could come play pirate with you?

6/24/20 Update:  I am officially a pirate! All I need it a patch! I would love to share some pictures with you, but most of them you would not want to see. Let’s just say it was gross, but I feel better already.

Dr. Larsen said we got to it just in time. Much longer and it would have ruptured on its own. YUK! Because of all the work she had to do, she decided to wait until a later date to do my neuter. That’s OK by me.

In the meantime I will just hang out at the clinic and practice some new pirate words. Aaarrrr!  Talk to you later matey!

7/3/20 Update:  Pirate Hagrid here, and am I having a blast! I spread joy and make people laugh everywhere I go around the vet clinic. What’s there NOT to be happy about? They took out my eye and neutered me, and I feel GREAT! Toes crossed—I’ll go to my foster home next week.

7/14/20 Update: Aarrrrr to all you scallywags out there! Pirate Hagrid reporting in from an undisclosed location. I wanted you to know I jumped that vet clinic ship and landed in my foster home. There are beefy Bulldogs everywhere. I counted four and they seem to like me, except maybe the girl! I bet I can win her over with my charms.

Stay cool, and I will check in later. I have to unpack my treasure chest for my stay here!
7/21/20 Update:  Hagrid is an oversized puppy, yet he has the discipline and behavior of a more mature dog. He does all his business outside. He loves to lay around and suck on his binkie or a ball. He is wonderful to walk on a leash. He loves snuggles on the couch, belly rubs and tickles under his neck. He loves to hang out with the other dogs or follow his humans everywhere.
I cannot say enough good things about this boy and his gentle spirit. He has completely recovered from his eye removal surgery and acts like nothing ever happened. He just takes everything in stride.