Jean Grey

Jean Grey

It was love at first sight for Jean Grey and her furever family. She now has great parents, loving siblings and a fur-sister of her very own!

While she was born on Dec. 30, 2012, her real life started yesterday, when she joined rescue. She wasn’t quite sure how to celebrate her freedom…. should she walk? Run? Roll? Jean Grey decided to roll. In fact, there was no sense trying to keep her upright. As soon as you did, she would fall over and roll. The grass is new to her, as the leash, but make no mistake ~ she can run. And even though she was only in the car for a short time, she thought the A/C felt pretty darn good.

7/3/20 Update:  Jean Grey has been quite the surprise. On Sunday, she was having trouble walking. We were not sure what might be wrong with her, but today, she was doing much better. The clinic X-rayed her from head to tail. Other than a little arthritis, her joints look better than expected.

She still walks very strange. Most likely, she tore an ACL in the past and it did not heal properly. There is really nothing we can do about that now. She also has a broken toe on her right front foot that causes her to favor that foot. The toe will have to be amputated, which could help her walk a little easier.

8/10/20 Update: Anyone looking for the happiest Bulldog ever? Look no further!

Jean Grey is such a wonderful girl to foster! She is friendly with the other dogs, and all she wants to do is be with her people.
Jean Grey is a great snuggler, and just wants to sit on our laps. She may be a little on the older side, but she still gets around very well. Her house training is amazing, especially considering where she came from.
She does have a couple of quirks that her potential furever family has to be aware of… she does get separation anxiety when we leave the house; this mainly consists of howling/yodeling. She also howls sometimes at night, if she sleeps on the couch, but this can easily be avoided by sleeping in the same bed as her people. Jean Grey is just an absolutely wonderful Bulldog that will fit in well with any family.