Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss

Well, it’s official.  My foster home has become my forever home and I am so happy.

When I got here I had another foster brother who got adopted to his forever home last week.  Now I have a bulldog sister, two other fur sisters and a fur brother.  I am so happy that I am not living in a crate like I was in my old life.  I can run around the house, play with my bulldog sister and sleep, which is what I do best.

As soon as I walked in the door I knew this was the place for me.  It felt like home and I made myself right at home by jumping up on the sofa and taking foster dad’s, now forever dad’s spot.

I sure got lucky when LSBRC found me and took me to Dr. Larsen’s.  Thank you to everyone for making my dreams come true.

Levi Strauss is the name and courting the women is my game! Well, it WAS my game. I decided I need a change of pace. I left that old flirty life behind and now I’m looking for a nice quiet place to settle down and live out the rest of my days.

I have a very muscular physique and I am built low to the ground, with a sturdy 63 pounds. I am mild mannered and appear to be in relatively good health. I will know more in a few days after Dr. Larsen checks me out.

I just hope all the pretty girls around the vet’s office don’t swoon and faint when they get a look at me. That’s always so embarrassing! I’m looking forward to thumbing through the applications to see which family will be the best match for this hunka hunka.

7/9/20 Update: I just wrapped up my first week in my new foster home. I am very timid right now because this is a new place and I’m still learning the house rules. I have learned the word NO and DOWN.

As you can see, I also learned to climb and so I climbed up on top of my kennel. I was so scared one day, I tried to climb up the chimney and Foster Dad had to pull me out by my back legs. It was thundering, so I didn’t know what to do…so sue me.
I like to sneak up on the sofa when no one is looking and always jump up on the outdoor couch and lay down.I’m learning to get over my fears slowly and I hope to be ready for my forever home soon. Overall, I’m a pretty chill kind of guy and just like to lay around. OH! I forgot ~ I have learned what treats are and I like those…YUM.
Well, it’s hot outside and I need my nap so hurry up and get your applications in so I can take a look at them. Maybe you will be my perfect match!
7/14/20   Update: Levi thinks it’s too hot to be outside and much prefers the A/C. Between his comfy bed and the nice, cool tile floor, he just can’t make up his mind as to which is best.
7/21/20 Update:  Secret agent 53B reporting in.  I have gone undercover to see what this Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue is all about and I have infiltrated one of the homes they call a foster home.  Not really, this is Levi Strauss here and 53B was my “name” in my old life and trust me…I don’t want to go back there.  I’m living the good life here in my foster home.  I’ve been here about 2 weeks and I am very timid and scared of all the new stuff.  For the first week I didn’t venture far from my kennel because I was scared.  Foster dad had to bring my food to me and carry me outside to do my business.  Lately, I have started venturing out and exploring the house more and have discovered all sorts of new places.  Everyday is an adventure.  I have discovered how to play with toys, run around outside and run around inside playing with the other resident dogs.  OH!, and I have discovered treats.  As a matter of fact foster dad is feeding me animal crackers right now and I love those things.  I have discovered if I lay at his feet while he is working I get a lot of attention and treats.
So, foster mom and dad tell me I need to learn to go outside and do all my business.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  Just depends on how I feel and plus, it’s hot out there.  I love attention, back scratches, head rubs and treats.  I may have mentioned that I’m not sure.  Anywho, that’s all I have for now but I’ll give more updates later.  It’s nap time, this typing wears me out.