Lilly May Bee

Lilly May Bee

We are happy to announce that our sweet gal Lilly May has been adopted by a wonderful family. Details to follow.

Please welcome Lilly May Bee to our rescue family! She comes to us at no fault of her own. Her family chose to go their separate ways and that left Lilly May Bee needing a new family. Here here she is at age 7, hoping that someone out there can fall in love with a brindle babe. First things first: a trip to the vet, a bath and a nail trim. After that, she will be ready for a family that needs some senior love in their lives.

8/20/18 Update:  think she is slowly warning up to me. I think I scare her because when I want to play, I am very vocal and bark. I also growl and it’s a good growl – it just means I want attention or to play. I am really loving my foster mom. She is always making me feel loved and cared about. I cannot control my licker and so I give tons of kisses. I love to lay on couch with my foster mom. I am just a big vocal baby who loves to give and receive love!

1/23/19 Update:  I know it’s been a long time, but I had to make sure I was sexy for my pics. Guess what? My foster mom has made me find my inner puppy. She showed me what love and patience can do. I think she had more patience than me, but here I am now. I am finally getting along with my foster sisters. I am still looking for my furever home. I think I would be best with a family with older kids and maybe me as the only dog. It’s just because I want all the attention! Until that day comes, I will just keep getting all the love, attention, belly rubs and nub rubs I can have.

2/18/20 Update:  It’s been a while since I’ve checked in with you all. Truth be told, I’ve been doing some time behind bars… (not jail! Geez, what kinda’ lady do you think I am? ). I’ve been in boarding!

My Foster Ma had to have surgery so I gave her a break and checked into boarding.

But I still have a lot of life left in me and I was tired of that rockin’ chair way of life. So I booked myself a little vacation at a great BnBnB (Bed n Breakfast n Butt scratches). I’ve just checked in, but I’m already loving it!

If you have a BnBnB and are looking for a spry senior gal to keep you company, I just might be the +1 you are looking for…. I hope to see your application soon!

2/23/20 Update:  Given I’m on a little vacation here, I have lots of time to write so I thought I’d do another update. Things are shaping up well here at this BnBnB.

Today, we meditated and we’re supposed to do yoga. Who are they kidding? I can’t even lick my own butt. How the heck do they expect me to turn into a Bulldog pretzel 🥨?! I think I nailed the resting pose though.

Then, I got to play with a chew toy. I was so happy! Especially because I thought it was edible (if you don’t know #LillyLoveFood)! But, It wasn’t! Mean! I wasn’t impressed. This video is taken before I realized that, as my tail is still wiggling in delicious anticipation.

After all the hard work, I got to take a nap on the biggest dog bed ever! I even got to use the human as my pillow. Amazing.

6/17/20 Update:  Lilly May is a wonderfully sweet girl. She still has a lot of spunk for an older girl. She does have a few quirks and definitely needs to be the only dog because she wants all the attention. I would definitely make sure that the family is familiar with bulldogs to adopt this precious girl. She is a very special girl. I have had her 2 years now and she has come so far since the first day I got her. She does have quite the sassy side and occasionally does like to play. As long as she has a soft bed or couch to sleep on she is happy but she would prefer to sleep with her hoomans.