Lulu Rose

Lulu Rose

Lulu Rose has been with her forever family for a while. We think she knew it too–it was her foster family! But it is hard to call this one a foster fail. Check back for pictures and more information.

I joined rescue on Sunday, but after hearing some whispers about how fat I am, I just went to bed. That’s right, I just went to bed and cried for a while. No one knew the life I had lived, so they just assumed I was an over-eater.

Truth is, I have birthed some babies in my day and then, when I thought I was in my retirement years, I found myself for sale on Craigslist. Yep, there I was…. Me, LuLu Rose, for sale to random strangers.

But, I was one of the lucky ones. A very nice lady bought me and took me home, yet soon she discovered I was really sick. Off to the vet I went and we learned I had pyometra, a infection in my lady parts that is serious and life threatening if not treated quickly and aggressively. I was spayed that day and healed nicely.

When I went back to the vet, the doctor opened my mouth and said, “Lulu Rose, where are your teeth?” My new mom got that estimate and she about fainted. What was supposed to be a “great deal” on Craigslist turned out to be a medical nightmare.

My new mom knew right away she was in over her head in taking care of me so she contacted Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. I packed my bag, and here I am.

This is just a little bit about my life and the reason I may be a little “thick.” I’m not gonna lie ~ in my head, I enjoy singing “I like big butts and I cannot lie,” while all those skinny gals are wishing they were more like me, big ol’ beautiful LuLu Rose.

8/12/19 Update:  It’s lil’ ol’ me…. LuLu Rose, weighing in at a steady 70 lbs. My foster family says I’m “pleasantly plump,’ and is keeping a close eye on how many vittles I’m allowed a day. 😁

I’m sweet, playful and super cuddly all the time! My foster mommy says I’m going to need to be an only dog, so please take that into consideration before falling totally in ❤️ with me.  I’ve only had two little accidents, so be confident that I know how to let you know when it’s potty time.

8/26/19 Update:   I’m such a sweet girl, and continue to do everything my Foster Mommy asks me to do. I’m still on my fitness and nutrition program, but that is going to take a little time because, as we all know, it’s been way too hot outside for me to take my walks. Anyway, have a wonderful week!

9/22/19 Update:  Hey Hey!!  It’s ‘lil ole me LuLu Rose, or you can call me Rosie! I’m still just doing my thing here at my foster families house, & boy do they LOVE ME!!!

I’m a little sassy, but my sweet personality gets me whatever I want around here! 🙂 My foster Mommy said I’m still better suited being an “only” child in my furever home! Also, please remember that I am house broken, and I am extra snuggly!

11/3/19 Update:  It’s lil ol’ me,  LuLu Rose! I’m still doing fabulous, and my foster family really enjoys having me around. I’m like having a playful toddler. I love my chew toys and human contact. I’d snuggle on someone all day, if I could! I’m looking to be an only child, so I can get all the love. Please share my photo to help me find a furever family.