Patti LaBelle

Patti LaBelle

It’s true ~ my family came back for me! Foster Mom and Dad helped me load up all my things (including my pool) and walked me to the car. I hopped in the back, curled up in the seat and laid down for my trip to Fort Worth. I never looked back (maybe because I didn’t want to see Foster Mom cry) and I slept the whole way home! I have already mastered the stairs my new mom and dad made for me and plopped right down in the bed for a nap. I have stairs for the bed and the couch and I will be treated like a queen! I have placemats with my name on them for my bowls, a king-size bed to place my crown and my very own family to love me forever! What more could a girl ask for? I have made my way into their bed, their laps and their hearts already. I have found my people! Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, helping me find my perfect match!

I have a few words for you…
I’m feeling good from my hat to my shoe
Know where I am going and I know what to do
I’ve tidied up my point of view
I’ve got a new attitude.

Come on sing it with me… you know you want to!

I am 4 years and 8 months old. I used to live in a puppy mill. After I left the mill, I joined a rescue group and they found me a great family that loved me bunches. But, guess what? That family started having some kids and I don’t really like those. I think they scare me because I am on the smaller size.

I weigh about 30 lbs and I can be very, very shy. Sometimes I will cower when you touch me, but I really do love to be touched.

My last mom used to let me lay by her and she would scratch me and it felt so good. I am going to miss those days of being scratched, but not those days of small kids.

I am going for a once over at Dr. Larsen’s so she can see just how beautiful this Patti LaBelle is… After that, my next stop will be finding a new family that wants to sing “New Attitude” with me!

3/19/20 Update:  Designer Bulldog… that’s what I am. I’m just a smaller version of a Bulldog. If you love Bulldogs, but don’t want a big one, check me out! I just got to my foster home yesterday and jumped right in the big dog bed and made myself at home. I’m easy going and I do love food!! If Foster Mom is in the kitchen, so am I. I’m learning how to take a treat gently. I know to go outside when nature calls, but if I’m in a big crate, I think it’s a Porta Potty too… oops! I’ll work on this until we talk again.

3/22/20 Update:  I’m checking in from the “Saltine.” They say it’s more plain than the Ritz, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. There are plenty of fluffy beds and pillows, which are my favorite things in life!

While the wait staff doesn’t wear white ties or uniforms, they are still very attentive and feed us at the almost exact same time every day. It’s like clock work and my foster siblings say I will learn to tell time very soon. We eat beef and bison, sprinkled with goat milk to help my coat get into tip-top shape!

I have an intimate, smaller lobby (aka my crate), just like the Ritz, for a more personalized guest experience. This will help me learn my “house guest” manners and not to potty in the house at night.

The resident Bulldogs don’t understand my need for all the attention and why I growl when I have to share the love. But I quickly am learning that foster mom and dad can hand out all the love equally….and I do LOVE a good belly rub!

Until next time~ I’m off to make that older, momma-type Bulldog share the big comfy leather chair. By the way, I don’t care much for social distancing… it’s not really my thing!

3/30/20 Update: I’m on medication for my ear infections, drops for my eye infections and cream for my skin infection. Foster Mom said I sat like a champ for all of those things and deserved a treat. But I got so excited for the treat, I accidentally caught her finger. She’s FINE… a little dramatic if you ask me, but we’re all fine. Nothing a little Band-Aid didn’t fix.

Foster Mom said we are now on a “Charm School Program” to work on my manners! Whatever that involves. If it means more treats, I’m all for it, as long as I don’t have to balance books on my head! I only weigh #28 and a girl’s gotta eat! I’m timid, but I’m not shy. I will cower when you approach to pet me, but I also will walk up and take a toy/bone right out of your dog’s mouth, even if it starts a fight! However, I’m quick to make up and will want to lay right beside you to be best friends. I love my bed and crate, but Foster Mom is not a huge fan of waking up to me barking at 2:30-3:30 a.m.! “Are we doing this crate training thing or what?” I have only had two accidents overnight, so I’m getting the hang of this pretty quickly. I have not had an accident in the house… I know where the door is.

In other news, the Saltine got a magnetic screen on the back door for during the day while foster mom is trying to work from home. Foster Dad pulled out a tape measure and I nearly lost my mind over that, but I did help carry the other end of the lumber. I’m not really a fan of either of these things. I caught TWO frogs in the backyard this week and learned what “drop it” means! I got high praises for that because the two resident Bulldogs don’t even know what that means. Foster Dad calls me the “Great White Hunter,” as there is a green lizard outside that has caught my eye! Honestly, I’m more like a fisherwoman, I catch and release!

Next up….SPA DAY! I already love the brush. Maybe Foster Mom will let me hire a cute lifeguard!

4/8/20 Update:  Patti LaBelle here checking in from SPA day at the Saltine!  What a great feeling that was.  I danced around so fast FM could barely get a picture of me!  That is, until I circled back around in hopes to get in line again!!

I look so much like that other resident Bulldog, maybe she won’t notice? (spoiler alert, she did).  You’ll notice me sitting in the picture with my foster brother, Beckham. (Beckham for scale). I’m the smaller, obviously cuter version on the left.

I’ve had a great week with ZERO accidents in the house, so FM and dad let me sleep outside of my kennel for the past two nights!  I was a BIG girl and slept through the night!! I have finished all of my medication and FM says my ears and eyes are looking so much better now.

I’m settling in nicely and learning to share the couch and the laps, mostly!  I still growl on occasion, but I’m learning to take correction before a fight breaks out. I’m learning more every day!  I’m learning how to be part of a family and that’s all I really want!

4/20/20 Update:  I know you missed me last week and seeing what all I have been up to. It was a holiday and here at the Saltine, that involves HAM and deviled eggs! I may weigh #30 now. That’s all I’m going to say.

As you can see, I am sporting some new jewelry. Whatcha’ all think? I make pink look good, am I right?

My treat-taking skills are getting better every day. Foster Mom and Dad discovered I can catch treats out of the air. My potty at night skills, well, they need some more work and patience!

Have you heard of this game? It’s called, “Move your Meat, Lose your Seat!” Well, Foster Mom doesn’t think it’s funny when she’s trying to work, but I think it’s hilarious and I can play this game all day. As you can see, I’m good at it! 😊 I win again! She’s such a sucker for this face, who can blame her? Just look at those speckled ears and freckles!

I’m off to nap now while it rains…again. I don’t mind though; napping is what I love to do the most (next to food, let’s don’t get that twisted). Foster Mom says snoring is what I love the most. Napping/snoring, it’s the same thing when you’re a Bulldog!

5/4/20 Update:  I’m just sitting here waiting for my furever family to submit those applications! I know someone out there has room in their hearts and home for me to be their one & only Queen Bee!  A home with no small children and no other dogs would be PERFECT for me, so I can have all of the attention I deserve!

5/18/20 Update: We’ve had an eventful weekend here at the Saltine! With all of the storms lately, I’ve done my very best to “bark them all away!” I just stand at the back door and watch it rain, until it thunders….then I bark back at it, “Stay away,” I say! This weekend, some nice folks came to look at our roof and patio and can you guess what they brought with them? You’ll never guess! A TAPE MEASURE! Foster Mom forgot to warn me and put me up in the house, but luckily, Foster Dad came to the rescue and scooped me up fast to save me!

FM: Patti LaBelle? (she used my whole name)

Patti: Wha?

FM: Did you attack the nice man’s tape measure?

Patti: Maybe?

The nice contractor played ball with me when they were done and he even told me how cute I was. He wasn’t mad or anything and he even apologized for scaring me!
I hired my very first contractor!

5/25/20 Update:  With all the rain this weekend, I enjoyed one too many —– mud puddles in the backyard! I was chasing frogs, so I had to get another bath. And I first had to endure a pre-wash licking cycle! I wasn’t really a fan, but I tolerated it. Maybe I had some leftover blueberries on my face.

Beckham (the larger version of me) and I had to chill in the office today and wait for the lawn guys to leave. The sun was finally shining and we were so excited to get back outside for some fresh air! Hope you all enjoy your short week and don’t forget to submit your applications.

6/8/20 Update:  Hey y’all, Patti LaBelle checking in from the comforts of the couch (read A/C)!  Foster mom says it’s too hot outside for us furry friends, so I’m going to stay inside and practice for “Tongue out Tuesday” instead!

Hope you have a great week of chasing frogs and finding a shady spot in the yard!

6/17/20 Update:  I don’t know about y’all, but I had a busy weekend! With the help of Dr. Larsen, I had to make a trip to Foster Mom’s vet in town on Saturday. My little puffy eyes and skin allergies reared their ugly head and I had to get a shave to get to the bottom of it … literally!

Do you see what they did to my summer bikini bod? There is no way I can fix this by Saturday, the first day of summer! Foster Mom says with a few medicated baths and new allergy medication, I’ll be as good as new in no time. Just not for “opening day. “ 😞

Doc says I’ve gained a much needed 9.5 pounds since I’ve been here and I’m the cutest little Bulldog he ever did see. Perfect for a bikini!

Did you hear that, Foster Mom? You better go ahead and order us that pool! In the meantime, I feel like a game of ball before my bath. I won’t let a little bit of allergies slow me down. No, sir!

6/24/20 Update:  I’m checking in from the Saltine, where things are starting to happen around here!

Remember a few weeks back when I told you that I hired my first contractor? Well, guess who showed up and took out the patio just in time for 3 inches of rain? I had a “temporary pool” for 2 days and I am LOVING LIFE right now! I finally get to experience what being a dog is all about… MUD! I have been busy pulling up sticks, stirring up the mud and my favorite: chasing frogs!

Foster Mom just let me run free and have fun. She said it seemed like it was the first time in my life I got to have some actual FUN, just hopping from one mud puddle to the next! That’s what baths are for, am I right?

If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty (and maybe your floor), I may be your girl. I’m not afraid of a little dirt! Just good luck getting me to come back inside! Gotta run… looks like it might rain again today!

7/3/20 Update:  I would like to show off my two new skills that I learned last week: rearranging furniture and “wait!” Foster Mom moved my bed so she could sweep, so I moved my bed to the window to sleep in the sun.

My foster brother, Beckham, also is teaching me how to “wait” for dinner to be served. However, by our calculations, Foster Mom is running 3 minutes late…. this is going to impact her tip, for sure.

7/9/20 Update: I’m checking in from the “Soggy Saltine!” We had tons of rainfall yesterday and we are expecting 1-2 more inches of rain again today. You know where to find me… just as soon as I can figure out how to open that door by myself to go outside and play! Foster Mom is about to lose her Jesus with all the mud and construction, but I am loving it!

I’ll celebrate my 5th birthday on July 17, and I heard Foster Mom and Dad whispering about getting me a pool and a new bathing suit. I’m so excited! What color bathing suit should I pick?
I’ve included a picture of me from when they picked me up the last week of March, and then a current shot. You can see what a difference I’ve made in my health! It’s OK to stare. I know I look good!
7/14/20 Update:  I’ve been helping put in the herb garden and making sure that it is perfect for my friends. By helping, I mean watching from the window in the comforts of the A/C and barking when it doesn’t look quite right! I mean, it’s too hot out there for me The garden has a “toad catcher” at the bottom. Foster Mom says that it’s not for me, but we’ll see about that when it’s done!
I went to see Dr. Larsen for my checkup this week. I got my yearly once over and my nails done! I am nearly perfect, short of these silly allergies, but I have pills I take for that now. Aunt Donna, a rescue volunteer, helped me go see Dr. Larsen on Friday and she gave me a massage while I waited to help me relax a little bit. I just love her and back rubs! I love back rubs!
I’m looking all pretty and ready for my close-up on Friday for my BIRTHDAY! Did I mention that it will be my birthday? This Friday?! So far, I haven’t seen any presents. I’m just making sure that Foster Mom and Dad don’t forget. I’ll see you at the end of the week……on Friday.
7/16/20 Update:  Patti “The Birthday Girl” LaBelle checking in from cupcake central. I didn’t mind they were made with wheat flour and wheat germ. They had fresh blueberries, so who cares! ☺️
So far, Foster Mom has only let me open one present… I got a puddle jumper for when it rains! 😂 🌧
She says I have to wait for Foster Dad to get home before I can open the other two. When will that be?
7/21/20 Update:  I finally got to open the rest of my birthday presents! I got a bathing suit and a new pool! ❤️ I enjoyed playing in the water, but I liked it much better when Foster Mom dumped the water OUT of the pool. 😂 You can take the girl out of the country….

8/2/20 Update:  Patti LaBelle whispering to her foster mom, “Nailed it!” Patti writes: My meet-and-greet went great and I think I have found my perfect family!! They had to go home and get things ready for me, but said they were coming back next Saturday to take me to my new home! I hope so because they took my food with them. 😁

My new mom and dad were rushing home to build me some stairs, so I can get in the big bed where I belong. I can’t wait to have my very OWN family! Now I need a nap, because being this cute is exhausting.