Guess what? Today was my very own adoption day!
I have a great family that drove all the way from San Antonio just for me. I fell in love with them immediately and I know they are going to love me forever! I’m going to be spoiled and that is exactly what I want. I am going to be the only baby ~ well, except for some chickens and a couple cats.
Foster Mom and Pa Pa said they will visit when they come down. They are thrilled that I now have my very own family. You see, there are some other Pipers like me out there who need their help, too. That’s the beauty of fostering in rescue.
Thank you all for helping me during my journey in rescue. Don’t worry ~ my new mom will post pictures really soon. So for now, I have to check out my new home.  Talk to you soon! Love, Piper


At 6 months old, I thought I could fly. I thought I could touch the sky. Turns out, I can’t fly and I don’t have wings. I learned this the hard way. I tried flying from the sofa to the chair, and ended up hurting myself. You may see some missing fur on my left knee… yep, that’s where I had surgery to repair a luxating patella.

Because I am just a puppy, I also like to put a lot of things in my mouth that aren’t really good for me. When Dr. Larsen did some X-rays, she saw some strange looking things. Turns out, I had a bunch of rocks in me that were causing a blockage and after several procedures, I’m proud to say I am now rock-free! I always had plenty of food to eat… rocks just seemed like a good snack, I guess.

I also was born with moderate hip dysplasia and my right hip is no longer in the socket. In the future, I’ll have a FHO (femoral head osteotomy) to ensure I can have a great quality of life. Water therapy is after that, so it’s a good thing I have a new bathing suit to wear.

I bet you’re thinking that’s a lot of stuff for such a little lady to go through, and it is. But the best thing is when my family decided I needed more help than they could give, so that’s why I’m in rescue now. When I sat in Dr. Larsen’s lap, she said, “Piper, you are worth your weight in gold and you have found the perfect rescue to make sure you have a wonderful life. Just remember: you’ll never be able to fly.”

2/27/20 Update:   Piper is 6 months old and she is a DOLL! She is as sweet as a 10-pound bag of sugar (now there’s a Southern phrase for you).

They carried her in and informed me she was recovering from hip surgery and could not walk. I thought she would sit still, and we would get sweet pictures of this beautiful girl that had been through so much. My heart hurt for her when I saw her. She looked so tiny and limp in the vet tech’s arms.

We put on her costume and she didn’t move. I kissed her and they went to place her on the set. I thought she’s so small and has endured so much, I just wanted everything to go well and easy for her.

Then HOLEY MOLEY… when that girl was put down, those two front legs started moving and she scooched herself all over that room. She went from person to person. Happy as a lark! She didn’t stop moving and the pictures show it ~ I only got a few with her sitting still! I just wanted you to see her strength and personality. She was hilarious and amazing at the same time. I don’t know who had the best time: Piper or me.

When Piper came into rescue, she had just had surgery for a luxating patella (a kneecap that moves in and out of the socket). Surgery can help hold the kneecap in place.

3/17/20 Update: I left the vet’s office on Friday to to move in with my foster family. Yay! I’ve had a couple of surgeries and I might even have more. You will notice that I scoot around on the floor. I get around pretty good for a little girl, but I need to get up and try to walk a little bit. My rehab will help me with that.

Foster Papa also made sure they ordered me a wheelchair the same day they got me. He said if I don’t like it, he will get me another one. Stay tuned to see me with my new wheels!

I hope to meet you soon at our future events! Foster Papa says I’m a really sweet little girl. I’m just a puppy still and they are determined to get me up and running!

3/20/20 Update:  I’m doing good in my foster home. The foster parents LOVE me, of course. Who wouldn’t, right? I have been practicing in my chair and doing exercises. I get lots of massages and scratches. Foster Mom thinks I am getting stronger. She says I have found my voice… whatever that means. I want it to stop raining so I can go outside and play. Foster Mom is going to take me for a ride in my new stroller. Yay! I’m so excited I just can’t wait. When the yard dries up a little, I am going outside to fly in my wheelchair! I can really go fast! I want to run with all the other dogs. Stay tuned and you will see more videos of me coming soon.  Love,  Piper

3/22/20 Update:  Piper was getting bored with sheltering in place, so she went for a walk in her stroller. Then, she wanted to play outside for a little while. Every day, she gets a little stronger. Thank you for your prayers and continued support!

4/8/20 Update:  Look at me, everybody! I’ve been working really hard to try to walk. I’m not there yet, but I am getting better. If you compare my first video to these pictures, you will see I can get my bottom up a little better. Thank you for all your prayers and continued support.

We miss having our events and getting to visit with everyone. Hope to see you soon! Please don’t forget to donate to help us pay our vet bills, if you have any extra. You can do that super easy right now by ordering one of our shirts: https://www.customink.com/fundraising/bulldog-impaired and there’s only one more day to do it!  Love,  Piper

4/12/20 Update:  Foster girl Piper has been doing water therapy to help build the strength in her back legs. She’s used an underwater treadmill and is now trying swimming at her foster home. All four legs were moving!

4/17/20 Update:  Thank you for helping pay for my rehab and wheelchair. ❤️ I’m working really hard! They let me play with my purple toy and I love my doctor and nurses. I hope Foster Papa brings me a chicken nugget when I get out of here.

4/20/20 Update: “I stood up straight on all four legs the other day. It was just for a minute or two, but I did it! I am improving. I’m not walking just yet, but I’m trying. Thank you all for helping me!”

Piper is growing and getting stronger everyday. She makes us laugh all day and she loves playing with her best buddy, Gomer. She must of been playing like she was a big tiger or something here. We did have a baby gate up, but she can knock it down now. For her safety, we put up our metal gate. It’s for big lions, tigers and bears… oh my. And Piper!

Piper is a big fan of Foster PaPa. She loves being outside with him, enjoying the beautiful weather and dreaming of more chicken nuggets.

4/26/20 Update: Thank you to everyone for the continued support and prayers. They ordered my special wheelchair the doctor said I needed. I’ll get it in two to three weeks. I get to finish my therapy, too. This is all because of you!! You came to my rescue when I needed it the most. I am most grateful.

Piper is loving life. No therapy today, but we still have to exercise. Treats are great for motivation. Yay! Piper is loving the nice weather and soft green grass. She wants to stay outside all day.

5/4/20 Update:  Foster Momma won’t let me chew on any sticks, but every day, that big, old tree drops some perfectly fine chewing sticks. And every day, Foster Momma comes out and picks up all my sticks. My best friend ever, Gomer, tried snagging me a whole pile from the big flower pot she stashes the sticks in, but that didn’t work well. Foster Momma then put all those perfectly fine sticks in the trash can. Can you believe it? Just wait… I’m going to find a way to track down more chewing fun.

5/8/20 Update:  I am standing up! I want to see everything on Foster Momma’s computer for the online auction! I have to tell her what to get. Please check it out and bid big. It helps pay all of our vet bills. I’m sure there are a lot of item you’ll want. I am standing up more and more ~ even walking three or four steps at a time, too. Standing up tall, thanks to your support!

5/11/20 Update:  Piper checking in!   Yipppeeeee! I got my new wheels today!! I knew they were mine right off! I was so excited!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Foster Momma let me help open up the box. I was so excited, I wanted to chew on everything! Foster Momma told me “No, No, No” of course. I got to try it on for size. My therapy doctor will check it out and make sure everything fits just right for me. I LOVE my new wheels!   Love, Piper

5/16/20 Update:  I found a new friend and he has wheels just like mine! His wheels are new, too. I really like him and he is super sweet to me. Foster Momma says we get to hang out together more. We had wheelchair races and everything! It was so cool. Foster Momma said I did good in my new wheels. I’m wore out, but we had a blast. I have to go to bed now and rest up for therapy tomorrow. It’s like going to work.

5/25/20 Update:  I went to my best friend’s birthday party! It was so cool. I got to meet his friends and they gave me lots of hugs and kisses. Everybody was so nice to me. I went everywhere in my new wheels and it totally wore me out! I passed out in the truck all the way home. I sure had fun, though.

My best friend and I are working on some fashion designs. He is the brains of the operation and I am the beauty. Our first design is a T-shirt with a picture of... oh, I can’t tell you yet, but it will look gorgeous. You’ll only be able to get it online. We’d love to sell some T-shirts at events, but we still can’t have those yet, which is sad because I really want to meet all of you. Stay tuned for more information about our limited edition T-shirt. All profits will help us pay our vet bills, including my therapy bills, too!  Love, Piper

5/28/20 Update:  If you remember, they had to shave me for my surgeries, but now, my fur is almost all grown back. Yeppee! Foster Momma gives me stuff to help my puppy-soft fur grow, just so I can look even prettier. I’m sure I’ll be looking perfect for my forever family. Won’t you be mine? I’m pretty sweet. Just saying…

As soon as we get to have public events again, I will give you kisses and let you feel my velvet fur. You’ll like it as much as I do!  Love, Piper

6/6/20 Update:  Piper was feeling pretty feisty this morning! We are thrilled that she can get up and run like this. The doctor thinks it’s a miracle, but we know she has the power, drive and determination to keep improving.She’s steadily building strength in her legs and the therapy has been great for her. Her water treadmill time has increased and the water has been lowered to help her build up more muscle. She’s like a toddler that has learned to walk and now, it’s getting difficult to keep up with her!

Thank you for helping to make all this possible for her! She is one of the sweetest Bulldog babies we have ever fostered. Stay tuned…. More excitement about her coming this week!

6/12/20 Update:Foster Mom says I keep improving all the time! As you can see in the video, I can keep up with Foster Mom. Sometimes, I even chase her! She laughs so hard, she almost falls down. I am getting really close to catching her.

I also can jump up on the ottoman to get up on the bed. I can get up on the dog step and then the couch too. I know how to go out the doggie door. I’ll go outside and come back in quick. It’s way too hot for a Bulldog like to me to stay out there too long.

I’m looking for the perfect home for me. Maybe your family would be the one for me? I am really sweet and will love you forever!  Love, Piper

6/17/20 Update:  I want to introduce you to my nurse. I love her so much! When I see her, I take off running to greet her. She brought her Bulldog named Otis so I could have a workout buddy. She even has my T-shirt picture on the back of her scrubs. She is pretty special to me because she helped me learn how to walk! Thanks again to everyone at HEAL Veterinary Hospital.

Hey, what are you doing? I love being on the porch when it is so cool in the mornings. Foster Papa put up two new ceiling fans on the porch just for me! I am a really good helper too. I help Foster Papa put out all the water sprinklers. I follow him everywhere. If you have a porch and need a helper, maybe I could be your forever Bulldog. Be sure to put in your application!

6/24/20 Update:  Foster Momma just wanted to share my spunky side for you to see. At about 8 months, I am a puppy still, after all. I can run the whole yard like this now too, and it’s a very large yard. I’m always ready for full speed ahead!

Have you ordered one of our new shirts yet? Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but I snuck in some hats too. 😁 Your purchase will help us pay our vet bills, so order a couple goodies before we sell out.

7/29/20 Update:  I am a really good helper! I can do ramps, water hoses and just about everything my foster parents throw my way. Foster Pa Pa lets me help him all the time. Foster Mom said to look toward the end of this video to see my smooth gait. Yep, I have been practicing on my Bulldog gait. A girl has to look pretty, after all. Some of you might not understand, but walking is new to me. I used to not be able to do it. Now I can run! Sometimes, Foster Mom puts a leash on me to help slow me down. I am not supposed to get hurt or something like that.