Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed

Poppy Seed has been adopted by a wonderful family! As you can see in the picture, she looks completely happy and right at home. Poppy Seed now has two Bulldog-loving parents and a human sister to grow up beside and play with. It was simply meant to be. Congrats to this sweet Bulldog on her adoption day!

I am 3 years old and if I can brag for a moment, I think I’m the cutest little lady there ever was.

I am not exactly sure what happened in my home, but on Thursday, I packed my backpack because I knew I needed to find a new family to call my own.

I might have been the victim of circumstance. You know… wrong place at the wrong time. Or I might have started playing too hard and another dog got seriously hurt. Or I might have joined in on a rumble that got out of hand. Really I don’t know. What I do know was when my family got home, my crate door was open, along with my friends’ crate doors and a big fight happened.

If I had a do-over, I would have just stayed in my crate and minded my own business. The lady of the house then got scared of all of us with fur, so we all left on Thursday heading in different directions to start new lives. As you can see, I think I’m feeling fine with the decision.

I’ll be ready in a few weeks to find my forever home, but first, I need to visit with Dr. Larsen, sit in her lap and explain myself.

I heard I need a couple surgeries ~ one on my eyes, as they water all the time, and the other on my lady parts. The next time you see me, I will be a new Poppy Seed looking for a new family to call my own.

8/10/20 Update:  My first week in my new foster home has been great. My humans can’t figure out why I was an owner surrender because, I guess I’m like, really fabulous or something. I am well behaved, super loving and very lazy. I love people and I love playing with the kids.

I am improving on house training. I am crate trained and do well on the leash. I’m recovering from having my tail removed and am doing well. My favorite activities include playing with the hose and chasing geckos in my backyard at night.
8/18/20 Update: Poppy Seed is doing great this week. She enjoyed playing in the hose a lot during the hot days. She even had a bath and loved every bit of it. She has been sleeping and snoring a lot, as you can tell from the picture. She enjoys sun bathing and gets mad at us when we make her come inside because it’s too hot out.
8/30/20 Update:   I’ve been hanging out in my foster home, living my best life. I enjoy napping most of the day, but I also love all the attention from the tiny humans in my foster family. I am sharing a picture of how well I cooperate when my foster dad tries to put my harness on to go for my morning walk. I can’t understand his look of utter disappointment. Can you blame me for wanting nothing but belly rubs all the time? Life is good!
9/6/20 Update:   Foster life is good. I sleep most of the day away, but when I’m not sleeping, I like to play with my toys or be near my family. I take a walk every morning and do my business before it gets too hot outside. My foster mom and dad are teachers, so they all went back to work full time over the last few weeks. Luckily for me, a nice, dog-loving neighbor girl comes over to visit me around lunch time and lets me outside to go potty. I’m always happy to have visitors. I get so excited and wiggle my back side… I can hardly contain myself! She even feeds me treats! I am still working on my house training, but I have made big improvements. I also took a ride in the car this week, which was super fun.