REO Speedwagon

REO Speedwagon

Well, if there was to be a foster failure in this house, it would have been this guy. REO stole our hearts and the hearts of his furever family.
From talking to the family about his health and all about his puppy self over the last few weeks, to then seeing their faces when they walked through the door, to watching him run to greet them…. this…. THIS is why we foster.
REO is a special one, the one that was the hardest for us to let go (I’m not cryin’ ~ you’re cryin’) and the one that taught my family so much.
We love you, REO, and are so happy for you and your amazing family ~ a perfect match, Reese… party of 6.

Yes, I’m named after that 70s/80s band. The one with the hits, “Keep On Loving You” and “Can’t Fight This Feeling,” among others.

I am a 1 year old, 46 pound, soon-to-be-a-hunk of a Bulldog. I just need to put a little more meat and muscle on me. I am sort of like that gangly teenager who is still a little awkward, but I’ll get over that.

I am a little shy around people and other dogs. It takes me a while to warm up to them, but they say that will get better with time and experience.
I am at the vet clinic to get all checked out by the staff. They said I needed some kind of surgery, but I cannot imagine what a virile hunk like me would need done? I guess we’ll see.

In the meantime, keep checking me out and following me through rescue. You know you want me. You can’t fight the feeling!

7/9/20 Update: I’ve been in my foster home a week and experiencing so many new things.

I love attention. Where has this been all of my life? Oh yeah, my first year of life doesn’t count. Now that I’m in rescue, I’m FREE… free to experience life.
Foster Mom tells me I’m a good boy. I’m working on my manners. I can sit ✅, I’m doing really well with going outside ~ I’m even using the bell (thanks to the resident Bulldog for showing me the ropes) ✅ ~ and I’m working on “stay” and “off.” I want to show you that I AM a good boy, and can’t get enough of these delicious little bites that I get when I follow directions.
The tiny human and I became quick friends. Maybe it’s because she’s closer to the ground like me, or maybe it’s her lap in which she gives me to sit. I LOVE car rides! I’m still skeptical with getting in the car, but once I’m in, I love to explore the world by looking out the window. Foster Mom even rolls down the window, so I can feel the breeze run through my fur.
I learned that dishwashers are not for Bulldogs. I was just trying to be a good helper for Foster Mom because she takes such good care of me. I get more and more comfortable every day and my personality is breaking through more and more. Foster Mom says that she’s seeing more of my playful side. I’m like, duh, I’m 1 and get to be who I should be now!
Keep watching my journey, as I become the best version of me and watch me grow. If you can keep up with me, that is… of course!

7/14/20 Update: I’ve been in my foster home for two weeks and the new experiences just continue for me.

I learned that it’s HOT and when it is, these humans like to get wet.
Well… first, I learned that I’m not allowed to use the pool as my personal water bowl.
Second, I learned that I like the water, but it doesn’t like me, according to Foster Mom. She makes me wear this contraption thing called a life vest. She said it will protect me. Little does she know that when I have it on, I’m the lifeguard on duty!
After a long day on the job, you’ll find me making myself at home on the towels because “I can’t fight this feeling” of a nap. Stay tuned for more of my new experiences in this crazy little thing we call life.

7/29/20 Update:  What is “special?” Better, greater or otherwise different from what is usual.

That sums up REO Speedwagon. Let me explain.
REO isn’t special because he came from a puppy mill.
He isn’t special because he’s just now learning how to be a true puppy, even though he’s a year old.
He isn’t special because his coat makes him look like a baby panda bear.
He isn’t special because he hops like a kangaroo when he plays.
REO Speedwagon is special because he was born that way.
He was born with two birth defects in his heart. They are both manageable. What does this mean? Well, REO takes a pill twice a day, and boy, does he have me fooled with his love for those cheese-flavored pill pockets. When this sweet boy hears the bag, he’s sitting next to me before I can even tell him.
Also, sometimes, when he gets the “zoomies” like your typical puppy, his heart needs a little help from this pill. But, he is a Bulldog afterall, so inside play, walks and cuddles are some of his favorite things.
REO lays, he plays, and he hops the days away… just like any other Bulldog. He loves, he cuddles, he wants to be a part of the family… just like any other Bulldog.
We know we can find a furever family that will let REO change their lives~ a family that will accept him for being special and in return, be embraced with unconditional love.
As his foster momma mentioned, REO has two birth defects in his heart that are being monitored by a cardiologist.
There is a moderate defect under the aortic valve. This causes thickened aortic valves, and the small valve area makes it hard for the heart to pump blood to the body. This puts him at some risk of sudden death, fainting, exercise intolerance or congestive heart failure (fluid build up in the lungs). This is one of the sources of his murmur. He also has a slightly increased risk for infection of the aortic valve and should receive antibiotics with any surgeries, dental procedures, deep wounds or fevers. Sudden death can occur, but thankfully, that’s very rare. There’s also risk of abnormal heart beats with this defect, a heritable trait.
The second defect in REO is a malformation of the pulmonary valve (the valve between the right side of the heart and the lungs). The valve does not open as well as it should, which causes the heart to work harder to pump blood to the lungs. This defect can lead to sudden death, right-sided congestive heart failure (fluid build up in the abdomen), fainting or exercise intolerance. However, many dogs can tolerate this defect for years without problems.
His defects are mild to moderate at this time. Because he has fainted twice, we are using meds to help decrease the obstruction of blood to his body and lungs. We hope a couple of pills a day can keep the doctor away and enable REO to have a fairly normal life.