Roxy Lynn

Roxy Lynn

Roxy Lynn has been excited with anticipation all week, waiting to meet her new family! Well that day was yesterday! Zachary and Alexandra arrived and it was love at first site! Roxy stole there hearts and all she had to do was sit at there feet and let them love all over her! They said she was perfect and and swept her off to live in Austin.

Hey everyone, my name is Roxy Lynn and today is the best day of my life. Today I joined rescue. Some people are going to call me a miracle, some people might not believe me, but most people are just going to get mad. You see I am 8 years old and I have never lived inside a house. And I have never been to a vet. Me and my bulldog friend lived out back in a dog run until he was killed by coyotes. So, see in a way I am the lucky one. I was bought at 8 weeks and so was my friend. We were raised up together to make bulldog babies.  And when they didn’t go as planned we just lived out back in a dog run. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter we lived thru it all. And our living outside was brutal.

About a month ago my owner died and I was loaded up and taken to a family member. And she was great to me. I actually got a bath I and I was given a pill to get rid of the fleas that covered me. Their family was complete with a lab and a french bulldog but she promised to keep bathing me till I smelled good and then she promised she would find a bulldog rescue that would find me a family that only had inside bulldogs because inside is where I want to be.  

Well, today I have gone to Dr. Larsen’s and she is going to love me.  Dr. Larsen is going to say “Roxy you were one tough lady to survive living 8 years outside in this Texas heat!”  And I have to agree. I thought the Texas heat was surely going to kill me.

8/10/20 Update:  Roxy Lynn made her way to May’s Manor and had no problems making herself at home. She tested every bed she came across and did great with her introduction to the other pups. Although someone wasn’t to happy when Roxy didn’t want to share the bed she found. Stay tuned as we learn more about this sweet senior Roxy Lynn.

She loved watching out the window on her car ride home!

8/25/20 Update:  I hope you are having a fabulous weekend just like me. I love all people, but others with fur are a little questionable. I get a little jealous if someone gets between Foster Mom and me. Also, I like my space and I am not about all that crazy, playful nonsense. When I act out, I stop at the sound of Foster Mom’s voice. My idea of fun is sitting in Foster Mom’s lap. I like to lounge, lounge a little more, and at the end of the day, maybe lounge a bit more. I do, however, like the pool, so I may take a little dip every so often. Until next time, I’m gonna work on my tan.

8/30/20 Update:  Roxy Lynn has found the best spot at Mays’ Manor! Even with the stairs away from the bed, she somehow managed to get up there. She may have just de-throned the king!

9/12/20 Update:  Roxy Lynn’s day consists of naps, naps and more naps! Her favorite two things to do is work on her beauty sleep and follow her human around.

9/20/20 Update:  I’m helping foster mom with the Halloween decorations. Well, I’m at least supervising. Some of the pups are scared, but I’m not.

A few things about me: I don’t like blueberries or carrots. I’ve started letting my foster brother clean my face. I thought he was trying to eat my face in the beginning, but turns out, it is “affection.” And, well, I like affection.