A most joyous and happy New Year will be had by India and JR, the sweet couple who were lucky enough to adopt Saffron as their most valuable and treasured holiday gift.  They have made it safely home to Denver, CO, where they will begin to settle in and look forward to lots of warm and cozy days with Saffy as a blanket.  I know my sweet girl will be loved, cherished and cared for forever and always.  That was my best and favorite holiday gift!  Saffy will have a yard of her own and a kitty to become friends with. Her new mom works from home and will be with her all day.  Her life will be active, fun and happy.  We love you Saffy!  Happy New Year to our most valuable little girl and her new family! 

I wore my #42 and I prayed that my next owner would be nice. The side of my head has scares, and my right ear has a hematoma that makes me shake my head. I stand paralyzed trying to be invisible. Without a name I don’t really feel that special. But Saturday my life would change forever. The people who wanted me saw my value. Never again would I be a number without a name. The holidays are coming up and I wanted a special name.  A spice name. I thought and thought and thought. Saffron! I would be Saffron. Of all the spices Saffron is the most costly, the most valuable. My rescue said that was such a fitting name for me. I am going from having no value to the most valuable.  

I am very small and have no idea how to walk on a leash. But I enjoyed being carried, so that works well for me. I have a birthday coming up on November 24th and I will be 3.  In my short life I have had my share of babies and my undercarriage shows it. But, yesterday was the first day of the rest of my life and no more babies for me. The family who adopts me will understand the life of a mill mama and will want to treat me like the most valuable bulldog they will ever have. That’s me Saffron. Valuable.

12/1/20 Update: Guess what I got for my 3rd birthday? I got a foster home and I love it here!

I get lots of love, food and fun. I have a chihuahua foster brother named Norman who is just my size and we are besties! I am warm, happy and gaining weight.
I love being in rescue! Everyone has been so nice to me and I am learning to not be scared of loud noises and sudden movements.
This has been my best birthday ever and foster parents tell me that it only gets better from here. Someday, I will have my very own family and I will be loved and cherished forever! I can’t wait!
Thank you to everyone who has helped me and cheered me on. Foster Mom will tell you more about me soon. Happy birthday to me, Saffron!
12/12/20 Update:   Saffy loves to be outside and she loves to go on walks! She gets better on the leash every day and more of a wiggle worm putting on the harness!