Sara Lee

Sara Lee

This was a match made in heaven. The always sweet, never a problem, perfect house guest, Ms. Sara Lee, left with her furever family today.
You could feel the love in the room, and she was soaking up every second of it. Happy, happy days are ahead for this little beauty!

Some things are hard to understand and my story is one of those things. A few days ago, I was found roaming around town and the local animal control picked me up. I loved it at the shelter. I got to stay up front with the ladies, and they gave me a bath and trimmed my nails and told me I was beautiful. I decided that was the job I wanted. I would just hang around up front and greet the people coming in.

But I was microchipped and the shelter reached out to my family to let them know I was there. And do you know what they said? They said I was NOT WORTH the $35.00 they had to pay to claim me. And they did NOT want me back. That’s one time I wished I was not on speaker phone. Because wow, were my feelings hurt. Then I got depressed. All I wanted was a family. 

Then the shelter lady made a call to LSBCR and the rest is history.  Two rescue ladies came for me and they told me I was worth my weight in gold! The pics are of my freedom ride and the last pic is me at the shelter watching the door.

I am really small, like you could carry me in your purse small.  The shelter thinks I am around 4. I also changed my name. I thought if my family didn’t love me enough to come get me then I didn’t love them enough to keep the name they gave me.  So, I named myself Sara Lee because a pound cake is all I can see.

2/2/21 Update:  I’ve finally made it out of the vet clinic and into the extended stay. The bellhop was really nice. He showed me around. Pointed out his favorite spot on the couch and where all the beds were. He said he doesn’t have any issues sharing. He even took me on a tour of the grounds. We had to laugh at the outside security guard napping in the sun.

Yes, that’s a cone. I’ve had a little surgery. I really can’t wait until next week, so I can ditch this thing. As for now, I’m feeling secure watching the inner workings of this place from the crate. I’m sure I’ll feel more adventurous soon.
2/7/21 Update:  Sara joined us about a week ago and she’s as sweet as can be. She gets along with everyone: dogs, cats and all the humans. She’s potty trained, walks well on a leash and has found the couch.