Stella Star

Stella Star

I remember the June 2019 day when I brought home my next foster dog – a pint-sized Bulldog who had been discarded by two different families and eventually found on the streets. No surprise, she also had heartworms.
Stella Star might be tiny, but she had a big personality. Videos of her capers often made her a crowd pleaser on social media.
But, unfortunately, she was a hard sell to potential adopters. As cute and funny as she was, she didn’t fancy much else with fur. Weeks went by with no applicants, and she became an extended stay.
Meanwhile, I found her just delightful and knew I was going to relish fostering her as long as it took until the right family came along.
Well, they did. It turns out her foster home was where she belonged all along. This firecracker is now officially named “Tiny.”

Sometimes things don’t turn out how you think they will. That’s what happened to me. See, I somehow got lost and ended up in a shelter. I have a microchip, so my owners were called, but those were my old owners who had given me away.

Thankfully, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue was able to save me, so today is the first day of a new start to my life.

I’m calling myself Stella now, it means Star ⭐️. I’m so happy to be a part of rescue. You might be able to tell that from how BIG my smile is in some of my pictures! You may also see that I have an impressively long tongue, so let’s just say I give great puppy kisses! 👅💧

It’s been a while since I’ve gone to the vet and I know I need to get some work done. I’ve heard the rescue vet people will take good care of me. I can’t wait to meet them and get all fixed up.

Keep your eyes out for me, Stella the Star ⭐️, as I begin my new life in rescue.

Unfortunately, Stella has eye, ear and allergy issues… but the most critical concern is that she is heartworm positive. The treatment for that alone is about $600-800. But we’ve got your back, Stella. Let’s kick those worms to the curb!

6/28/19 Update:   I’ve only been in my foster home two days, but I settled in right away. So far, foster mum says I’m happy and full of life. She even has a nickname for me already: I’m Bullet! I’m diminutive and dexterous and fit. I like to run. And fast! I’m an active little girl. But I’m also on temporary medical hold. You see, I have heartworms so that means in two weeks, I start a month-long treatment to get rid of them. They told me I have to take it easy and stay calm. Huh? But what if have an itch in my bum that makes me want to zip around? It’s going to be a challenge to stay calm when you’re a shooting star. I have a zest for life, though, so I’m going to do what I have to do to survive and show everyone what a shooting Stella Star looks like. I’ll be ready for my forever home soon so don’t forget about me!

7/1/19 Update:  Stella the star is taking serious charge of her Benebone. She continues to thrive in her foster home and is scheduled to begin heartworm treatment on July 8.

7/10/19 Update:  I’ve been in my foster home for about two weeks now, and during that time I’ve demonstrated what a charming little girl I am! Foster mum calls me a delight. I’m tiny and lean, only 37 pounds. Light on my feet, I seem to walk on air at times. I love to play! Toys don’t belong in a tidy stack — they belong scattered all over the room. And I’ll make sure that’s how they stay. The world is meant to be explored, and I’m certainly an explorer. So inquisitive! I can be lazy, but you’ll often find me on the move. I’m a lively and happy little Bulldog.

Foster mum says I’m going on a field trip today to see the vet and that I’ll get to spend a couple of days there. That sounds like another fun adventure to me, but foster mum doesn’t see it that way. She says I’m going to start something called heartworm treatment, and it means that, when I come home, I’ll have to stay calm and rest for a month. Oh, I don’t like the sound of that. But I also don’t like the idea of worms in my heart either, so it’s probably a good thing. Will you keep me in your thoughts please? And I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

7/14/19 Update:  I made it through my heartworm treatment last week, and now, I just need to lie low and rest for the next few weeks. That’s OK — I’ve made it this far so I’m going to see this thing through! But will you look at the haircut the folks at the clinic gave my bum back there? Let’s just say I now can catch a summer breeze in the back seat…. snicker.

8/12/19 Update:  Yesterday was my Liberation Day! I’m free! Remember me? I’m Stella Star, also known as Bullet and Tiny-Heiney. I’ve spent the past month on bed rest following treatment for heartworms so that’s why you haven’t heard much from me. I’ve spent that time chewing on Benebones, snoring and gazing wistfully at the other doggies from my quiet space. Oh, and throwing a temper tantrum or two because I’m Stella Star and have so much energy and want to zoom, not stay quiet! Man, I’m so excited. I’m going to skip around the house and raid the toy box now. Stay posted.

8/25/19 Update:  About two months in, and I think it’s fair to say Stella Star is a firecracker. Don’t let her diminutive size fool you. She is full of spunk and sass! Stella is convinced she’s as big as all the other Bulldogs and is no pushover. In spite of what she thinks though, she is one of the tiniest Bulldogs I’ve ever seen.

For anyone who wants a Bulldog but is unsure they can handle the beefy breed, Stella may be your girl. She’s adorable and gentle, but that attitude might be a bit much for most other dogs. She’s not going to mesh with another alpha. I’m not ready to say that Stella needs to be an only dog, but it’s been a bit rocky at times with my foster dog who’s submissive. Stay tuned on that one.

Stella has some funny quirks. While I’m in the living room, in will run Stella carrying an item from the recycling bin, so pleased with herself and proud of the treasure she’s found. Sometimes I’m unaware that Stella has unearthed new treasures until I find a cardboard cereal box lying in her stash of toys. She can entertain herself with her toys, but she also loves to play with you. When it’s cool enough, we’ll play outside, and she loves to retrieve tennis balls. (I’d call it “fetch”, except Stella doesn’t give me the ball back. Rather she makes me chase her.)

Stella is house-trained, but will wee in her crate at times. Speaking of which, she has no issues with crates. She’s biddable and well-mannered, rarely jumps, and will politely sit for treats. If she sounds like a charmer, that’s because she is.

10/10/19 Update:  I answer to Stella, but have grown to also answer to “Tiny.” That’s what people around here like to call me. I’m still slight and sprightly and, when I play, I can whip around corners impressively fast. I have a pep in my step that only a tiny version of a Bulldog can sport.

I’m doing great in my foster home. I have my quirks, and I can put on the most mournful face you’ve ever seen when I want something. I’m a happy little girl who is as sweet and adorable as they come. I have good manners, am housetrained, and smart. In fact, I’m perfect.

However, this perfect little girl wants to be the only dog in the house. I’ve let foster mum know in no uncertain terms that there’s plenty of space for me here, but not for my housemates. Once you meet me, though, you just might only have eyes for me and forget other things with fur even exist!

2/17/20 Update:  I’m surprised Miss Stella “Tiny” Star hasn’t been swept away already and that I’ve had her so long, but I’m not complaining. I’ve enjoyed having her here so much that I want to keep her myself! Miss Stella has let me know, though, that she strongly prefers a house where she’s the only dog.

I adore this little girl. She is packed with personality. She’s not a jumper, but a climber, and she’ll use those climbing skills to haul her diminutive frame onto the unlikeliest of places. She also chooses to perch on the oddest of places.

She’s a hoarder. Her room is chalk full of all the toys in the house because, when she passes through other rooms and sees a toy or bone, she swiftly scoops it up and carries it to her room. The other dogs in the house must regularly wonder how and why all their things keep disappearing! 😂 The result is that Stella’s room looks like a romper room, and the rest of the house stays clutter-free.

Stella’s also nosy and, if I don’t keep my office organized, she likes to “help.” And, if I do happen to have it organized, well…she likes to rearrange it to suit her idea of orderliness. Life is not dull with Stella in the house.

She loves to run after her favorite ball. I try to capture it on video because it’s so cute: when the ball bounces, so does Stella as she pursues it. Of course, when she catches it, she doesn’t return it to me. Instead she takes it straight to her stash.

She came to us last summer with heartworms, successfully fought them off with treatment and rest, and she’s been entertaining me ever since. That means the adorable little girl has been here patiently waiting for her furever family for quite some time, but I know somewhere out there is a lucky family meant for Stella “Tiny” Star.

3/10/20 Update:  I’m a frolicking and happy Bulldog with a big personality in a tiny package. Foster Mum tells me all the time that I’m so cute, fun, and perfect that she wants to keep me. But, as much as I love it here, I know that she’s probably right when she says I’d be happiest in a pack where there aren’t any other four-legged creatures. Other than that request, I’m so easy to satisfy!

Do you love to play with toys? Because I do, too! I Do you like to curl up and snuggle on the sofa? Well, you can snuggle with me! Do you like to pig-out? Oh, that is something I’d love to help you with. Do you like to laugh? Because Foster Mum says that I’m so silly. She says my tongue is too big to fit in my mouth, and that just adds to my personality.

I’m exceptionally smart and fast. I’ll admit that my vision isn’t the best, but most of the time you, don’t even notice. I’m a fun little Bulldog who’s more energetic and limber than most. I’d love an active household. Kids would be great, especially due to my tiny frame.

My name is “Tiny” 99% of the time. I notice that, when I hear “Stella,” I’m probably in trouble. I have Foster Mum wrapped around my tiny little paw though, so I mostly call the shots around here. Anyway, I’m waiting here for you, furever family!

4/20/20 Update: At this point, I think my name has officially become “Tiny” at my foster headquarters. I know it’s hard to imagine that a lofty personality such as mine survives in my 40-pound frame. Life is routine. I start out lazy in the morning and like to sleep in.

About mid afternoon, I wake up and am bursting with life. I come running out of my room in full play mode. Life is good. I get my treats, love the tuna I get here, and all the attention I get for being adorable!