Stormy Breeze

Stormy Breeze

Stormy has hit the jackpot with her new family. She’ll be spoiled by her parents and brother and spend her days playing with her fur brother, Boomer! Happy life, sweet girl!

My name is Stormy Breeze and I am two years old. I am a very shy girl so you my find me over in the corner away from the action. I came to rescue today with two of my friends and they love getting all the attention. Not me!

But don’t get me wrong, I love to be loved on, you just might have to come find me. Once you do I’m all for it.

I have had a few babies in my short life, but that is all over for me. Dr. Larsen will take care of that and any other problems she finds. I would do better in a quiet home where they will give me time to adjust to my new life.

11/12/20 Update:  Foster girl Stormy Breeze wanted to show everyone her cute polka dots. She also wanted to introduce you to her new friend, foster boy Atticus. Stormy Breeze is such a sweet girl with a lot of energy. She gets along well with other dogs, but is somewhat fearful of humans. We are working on getting her more comfortable around people.

12/8/20 Update:  Stormy Breeze is a sweet, curious girl who is trusting us more and more each day. She’s very mischievous and loves to play with other dogs.

12/12/20 Update:  Stormy is such a sweet girl and is getting along well with all of our dogs, big and small, male and female. And she loves to play with all dogs, too. She’s warming up more and more to humans, even snuggling with Foster Poppa when he works.

12/24/20 Update:  Stormy had an amazing week with a lot of breakthroughs! She is a lot more trusting of me and her foster poppa. She’s still a little timid, but really doing much better. She’s actually approaching us for snuggles and pets. She is such a sweet girl who loves to play with other dogs, so she’d really like another dog in her furever home for her to play with.

12/29/20 Update:  Stormy is such a sweet, timid gal who loves to play with dogs of all sizes. One of the gifts she got for Christmas was a tennis ball, she chases after it like she’s strutting in a dog show, & and she loves to carry it around in her mouth.

1/5/21 Update:  Stormy had a great New Year’s, but is still waiting for her perfect family. Maybe you can be matched to this sweet, shy girl?

1/11/21 Update:  Stormy is such a sweet, shy girl. She continues to work on trusting humans, but she loves all dogs of every size. She’s a very healthy, low-maintenance Bulldog.