Taylor Denea

Taylor Denea

Ready for a Christmas miracle story? We have a good one to share, so pull up a chair. ❤️

Back in August, Taylor Denea, a Bulldog with incredibly perky ears, joined our rescue family. The surrendering owner told us she had taken in the dog from a friend about a month earlier. The woman believed it would be best to sign the dog over to us because she already had her hands full with several other dogs.

We helped care for Taylor and found her a family, but unfortunately, she wasn’t a fit with the adoptive family’s other dog, so Taylor came back to us.

Well, we thought it was unfortunate, but now we know it was simply meant to be.

About this same time, a woman in Oklahoma named Darlene stumbled across one of our photos of Taylor Denea. She stopped in her tracks. She knew right away: it was her Ginger. She could spot those ears anywhere!

Darlene tells us Ginger had been stolen from her home back in June and every day since, she and her daughter wept and prayed for her return. They had raised her from a pup and felt completely lost without her.

Today, the cries continued, but they were not those of sadness. They were tears of joy. Today, Ginger was reunited with her Oklahoma family and it was a Christmas gift they all will never forget.

Taylor Denea has taken her magical ears and flown to her forever home. She has a mom and dad, two skin brothers and a fur brother just her size. They met for the first time last weekend. Then, they sealed the deal this afternoon so the family can spend the whole weekend together helping her settle in.
Her new name will be Dejah. Her family is already head over heals in love with her. They went out during the week and bought all kinds of stuff to prepare for her arrival.
I will miss those ears and all the ball playing on the couch, but she is where she belongs. Happy trails and sweet dreams, baby girl.
I was recently saved by a family from a bad situation. My new family realized they could not give me the care I needed, so they contacted rescue.
I used to live outside and I have some eye issues. But I hear I am an inside dog now and all my problems are behind me! I am at the vet clinic to get checked out and everything fixed. This is what “the good life” is that I was promised by the people who rescued me. I’m loving it!
I’m 2 years old and weigh 50 lbs. I’m well-behaved and I love people, kids and other dogs. I think I would be good in just about any home. They tell me after my spa stay at the vet clinic, I will go to a home for a while to heal. I can’t wait to get all that done and find my new forever home.
10/2/20 Update: Taylor Denea has left the vet clinic for her foster home! Those cute, pointy ears arrived and quickly explored the yard and house. She briefly met one of the resident Bulldogs and will meet the rest over the next couple of days.
We went on our first walk and she did great on the leash. She is very curious and loves to explore. She also loves her people and loves hugs and belly rubs. We look forward to.
10/8/20 Update: I am enjoying life with my foster family. I get along with the other dogs most of the time. Foster Pop says I am somewhat of a dominant girl and I like to let the others know it. Sometimes that has caused problems, but I am working on it. He thinks I would do better in a family with a more submissive dog. That way I can be the boss!
I take evening walks with the big boy here. We walk well together, except I wander off sometimes. He is older and more focused than I am.
Oh, and I have discovered a whole new world—toys! Who knew it could be so much fun to chew on a bone or throw it up on the air and try to catch it?
10/12/20 Update: Taylor Denea is quickly becoming one of my favorite fosters in a long time. She is so inquisitive and every day is a new adventure for her. She has done extremely well with all my dogs and is even willing to share the toys she has just discovered. She is doing great with her house training and leash walks.
I really think now that she would do well in a home with other dogs. It will just take her a little time to warm up to them. When mine get a little too rowdy playing she just walks away.
One of her favorite new activities is sitting by me on the couch and chewing her bone with great enthusiasm.